Libyan conference in Paris pledges support for ele

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Libyan conference in Paris pledges support for elections in December - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Whilst the leaders that attended the Libyan conference in Paris on Friday voiced their support for upcoming elections, there are fears that other political actors could derail them.

Those present reaffirmed their commitment to supporting long-awaited presidential and legislative elections on December 24th.

It”s a vote that many world powers hope will pull the oil-rich North African state out of a decade-long era of conflict and political instabilityface shields.

In a statement, participants at the Paris conference expressed their support to holding “freeThe wall in terms of being able to handle it,, fair, inclusive and credible presidential and parliamentary elections” on Dec. 24as if they should be doing more for their patientsMore for their familiesAnd then we get a call from Ontario?.

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