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There are 217 enterprises with a sales revenue of more than 5 million yuan in the paper industry of Zhejiang Province in 2000. In that year, the output of paper and paperboard was 2.85 million tons, achieving a total industrial output value of 11 billion yuan (constant price), profit and tax of 1.2 billion yuan, of which the profit was 690 million yuan, the output ranked third in the country, and the benefit ranked second in the country. It has become a traditional pillar industry in Zhejiang Province

while developing the paper industry, Zhejiang Province pays attention to environmental governance, adheres to the "three Simultaneities" and adheres to emission standards. In 1999, the average emission of CODCr per ton of paper was about 45 kg, a decrease of 60% over 1995. According to the characteristics that the waste paper raw materials of the paper industry in Zhejiang province accounted for about 80% of the total paper raw materials in the province, and the occurrence of CODCr accounted for 89.75% of the total water pollution, the environmental protection department of Zhejiang Province formulated the "water pollution emission standard of Zhejiang paper industry", that is, JB of DH, if any, which was approved by the Zhejiang provincial government and implemented from March 1, 2001, According to this standard, the standard tension samples with corresponding force values are clamped on the experimental machine. Paper manufacturing enterprises with an annual production scale of 50000 tons and waste paper that includes Great Wall Motors, Chang'an motors (Weibo), Chery motors, SAIC automobile group and other domestic automobile manufacturers are also pocketed by them as the main raw materials will implement the standards for the first time period (12 kg of codcr5, 7.2 kg of BOD5 and 8.4 kg of suspended solids per ton of paper) before December 31, 2002, After January 1st, 2003, the standards for the second time period (6 kg of codcr5, 1.8 kg of BOD5 and 4.2 kg of suspended solids per ton of paper) will be implemented. For paper-making enterprises with a production scale of more than 50000 tons (including 50000 tons) and established after March 1st, 2000, the standard values for the second time period will be directly implemented. This standard is a local mandatory standard

while raising the water pollution discharge standard, the province also focuses on strengthening the supervision of environmental protection and supplementing the efforts of surface water pipes. In the whole province, we will implement the measures of combining administrative supervision with the encouragement of the masses, and list the Fuyang paper industry as a provincial key environmental protection supervision object

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