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RI Ying electronics plans to acquire 90% equity of Huichang sensor with rmb164 million

in the evening of July 4, RI Ying Electronics announced that the company plans to acquire 90% equity of Changzhou Huichang sensor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huichang sensor) jointly held by Zhou Huiming, Liu Yaping and Zhou Jianhua with its own funds of no more than rmb164 million. Its clinical trial is also under way. It is understood that this transaction does not constitute a related party transaction or a major asset restructuring. The company will sign the equity transfer agreement with effective conditions for the acquisition of Changzhou Huichang sensor Co., Ltd. with the counterparty after the acquisition is reviewed and approved by the board of directors

164 million yuan to acquire 90% equity

according to the asset appraisal report, as of the benchmark date of March 31, 2019, the appraisal result of the total equity of Huichang sensor shareholders was 184 million yuan, which was 91.9355 million yuan higher than the audited owner's equity, with a value-added rate of 100.14%. The two sides of this transaction negotiated and determined that the benchmark valuation of all shareholders' equity of Huichang sensor is 182 million yuan, so the benchmark transaction consideration of the target equity is 164 million yuan. After the acquisition, Huichang sensor became a holding subsidiary of the company

since its establishment, Huichang sensor has been engaged in the R & D, production and manufacturing of NTC temperature sensors, and its core personnel have been deeply involved in the industry for many years. After years of development, Huichang sensor has a number of core technologies, and its products and technologies have successively passed the certification of Panasonic and Boxi. Due to the small number of data channels to be measured in this experiment, the products have reached the technical requirements of the world's leading home appliance enterprises, such as home appliances, whirlpool, eosmith and so on. Huichang sensor has a certain influence in the high-end home appliance temperature sensor market

it is worth noting that in terms of performance commitment, the operating income of Huichang sensor in 2018 after being audited by an accounting firm qualified for securities and futures business is 79.8293 million RMB (hereinafter referred to as the income base), Zhou Huiming promised that the operating revenue of Huichang sensor in 2019 and 2020 will not be less than 80% of the revenue base after being audited by an accounting firm with securities practice qualification

fill in the gap of core products

compared with the existing highest energy-efficient processing and production processes,

Riying electronics said that the company's acquisition of Huichang sensor will help further improve its business scale and profitability, and also help protect the interests of the company and its shareholders, especially small and medium-sized shareholders. It is understood that one of the main businesses of Riying electronics at present, automotive electronics covers sensor businesses such as sunlight sensor, light sensor, rain sensor, dust sensor, temperature sensor, sunroof controller, etc. At present, the company has laid out the business of vehicle temperature sensors and provided vehicle manufacturers with temperature sensor products for various purposes. Huichang sensor is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of NTC temperature sensors. Huichang sensor has mastered the core technology of temperature sensor. At present, its main customers are well-known home appliance manufacturers, and it has begun to expand the vehicle temperature sensor market

as of the disclosure date of the announcement, Riying electronics has supplied temperature sensors to automobile manufacturers, but the core NTC thermistors and other components are still purchased from outside

Riying electronics said that after the completion of this transaction, the R & D capability and market competitiveness of the company's temperature sensor business will be rapidly improved. The company extends upstream to acquire the R & D and production capacity of NTC thermistor, the core product of Huichang sensor, and has a complete process of R & D, production and sales of temperature sensors, which is more conducive to the company's response to the personalized needs of existing and potential customers for temperature sensors, and has a good synergy with the company's automotive parts business

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