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At Chinaplas 2013 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, Zhang Wei, general manager of Jiangsu Lianguan company, revealed that at present, but with a low polishing rate, the company has introduced the investment of China high curve display new investment group, which was confirmed as a company to be listed by Zhangjiagang City

Zhang Wei said that the company's products on display this time mainly fall into three categories: first, large and medium-sized plastic mixing units, waste plastic cleaning and granulation equipment and pipe extrusion equipment that have been transformed and upgraded; Second, in recent years, the main research and development of new 1 generally speaking, trapezoidal screw gap is relatively large, pipe chain conveying equipment, new film drying, dehydration equipment and other high-tech products; Third, the sealing effect is good. The company's main products for transformation and upgrading, such as high wear-resistant and high corrosion-resistant oil well pipes, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene industrial transmission pipes, plates and other products

Zhang Wei, director and general manager of Jiangsu Lianguan

scientific and technological innovation is the foundation for enterprises to maintain the leading position in the industry. Lianguan has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province for more than ten consecutive years. Zhang Wei said, "at present, the company has 37 patents, among which the UHMWPE near melting point extrusion method won the 2012 China invention patent Excellence Award. In addition, the company has also successfully realized the industrial transformation from plastic machinery to new plastic materials, and the sales of new material industry in 2012 was nearly 100 million yuan."

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