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Japan's Ministry of space will build a PA6 slicing device in Spain. Japan's Yubu Xingchan company said on Monday that the company plans to build a 20000 ton/year nylon-6 resin plant in Valencia, Spain. The project will be completed in two phases in 2005

2. Fire retardant performance

in phase I project, Yubu will build a 10000 ton/year device by the end of 2003. In the second phase of the project, the company will continue to build a set of devices of the same scale before the end of 2005. The total investment of the two units is about 2.5 billion yen (US $20.5 million)

on October 19, Yubu announced that it would set up a branch, Yubu engineering plastics (Spain), to manage its nylon business in Europe, and would set up production, sales, R & D and other departments. The company will start selling nylon chips in Spain in January 2002, and hopes to make a profit of 7.902 billion pesetas (US $4.2 million) in 2004

after the establishment of Yubu engineering plastics (Spain), Yubu will also export Japanese nylon-6 to Europe to meet the needs of European customers. However, EU demand has grown too fast, and exports have been unable to meet demand. Therefore, the company decided to set up a nylon production plant in Europe, which will be built in the demand center. Yubu believes that the company can make profits by reducing logistics costs

Yubu also has a branch in Thailand, Yubu nylon Thailand, whose chips are mainly supplied to customers in Southeast Asia. The company has a nylon device with a capacity of 20000 tons/year in Luoyong. In Japan, Yubu company has a Nylon-6 device with a capacity of 55000 tons/year in Yubu. At the same time, the company also has a set of c5.3 with a capacity of 90000 tons/year and 110000 tons/year in Yubu and Kuai respectively. According to the thickness of the sample, the punch and die PL devices are selected according to the attached table

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