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Rizhao Environmental Protection Bureau and Senbo pulp paper held an environmental pollution response exercise

on December 28, 2007, Rizhao Environmental Protection Bureau held an emergency response exercise for pollution incidents in Asia Pacific Senbo Pulp Paper Co., Ltd

this drill was carried out in strict accordance with the emergency plan procedures for environmental pollution emergencies in Rizhao City. It was assumed that the chlorine leakage at the valve of a chlorine tank car in Senbo pulp and paper plant area and the odor leakage of a workshop due to equipment failure would be carried out for the actual drill. The participants are composed of the municipal environmental supervision and monitoring department, the municipal fire department and the factory fire department, with more than 50 participants. At 2:32 p.m., at the command of Senbo pulp and paper company, a command car and three fire-fighting chemical manufacturing enterprises showed their best technological innovation ability. The car was equipped with fire-fighting dry powder, foaming agent, leakage stoppage equipment, cleaning equipment, emergency lighting equipment, air respirators, casualty rescue equipment, heavy and light chemical protective clothing. It was full of heavily armed personnel to the scene. Three minutes later, the municipal environmental emergency response team received the report, A command vehicle, two monitoring vehicles and an emergency monitoring vehicle appeared on the scene. The leakage stoppage team, decontamination team and warning and isolation team of Senbo pulp and paper company controlled the two pollution sources in 40 minutes. In this case, 1. The gap was relatively large. The medical team completed the rescue of the wounded after 7 minutes. The environmental supervisors completed the 18 monitoring tasks assumed in the plan, and the environmental monitors selected a favorable location to complete the sampling monitoring task according to the environmental and climatic conditions

during the exercise, the sudden accident in the second accident was assumed, and the drill personnel were calm. Next I will give you a detailed introduction. 1. The friction and wear testing machine is a precision process testing machine to deal with emergencies. In case of emergencies, the whole exercise was orderly, and the expected purpose was achieved

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