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River steel and CIC overseas signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Serbian government

River steel and CIC overseas signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Serbian government

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on November 26, in order to meet the market demand for high-performance materials, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council and Prime Minister Alexander of the Republic of Serbia? Under the joint witness of Vucic, River Steel Group, CIC overseas and Serbian government will heat up the sample due to friction. The three parties signed a cooperation framework agreement on Smederevo steel company in Serbia

Hegang group said that it would make use of the advantages of advanced production technology, mature steel plant operation and management mode and strong international market control ability to build this cooperation project into a new highlight of cooperation between China and Serbia, so as to further enhance the international competitiveness, influence and economic benefits of the group

CIC overseas expressed its willingness to explore and form an effective business model for cross-border investment cooperation with Hegang group to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

the Serbian government said that this cooperation is in line with the national strategic interests of the Republic of Serbia to improve and develop the steel industry, and can promote the modernization of the production process of the steel industry in the Republic of Serbia, improve product grades, optimize social conditions, and increase the gross national product. The Serbian government affirms and welcomes the overseas investment of River Steel Group and CIC in the steel industry of the Republic of Serbia

the three parties agree that the final investment decision will be based on commercial considerations, that is, the risk adjusted investment income that can be accepted by all parties

Hegang group is the largest iron and steel enterprise in China at present. It has reached the world advanced level in facilities and equipment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and has an annual output of 50million tons of supporting steel production capacity. Hegang group has been among the world's top 500 enterprises for many consecutive years, ranking 239 in 2015

CIC overseas was established in January of 2015 review meeting. It is the foreign direct investment business platform of China Investment Co., Ltd. through direct investment and multi bilateral fund management, it promotes foreign investment cooperation and strives to maximize investment income

Smederevo steel company is the only large-scale pillar steel enterprise wholly owned by the Republic of Serbia. Smederevo steel company has a long history, complete process equipment and logistics facilities, mature and stable staff, and rich experience. It now has more than 5000 registered employees. It has formed a supporting production capacity of 2.2 million tons of steel every year, and can produce hot-rolled plates, pickling coils, cold-rolled coils, electroplated tin plates and other products

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