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Rizhao industrial and commercial 12315 call center beautiful operator landing CCTV

CCTV 2016 March 15 party will be broadcast on CCTV tonight. The party will not only expose a large number of enterprises and industries, but also answer and protect rights on site. Therefore, a special team operator will be set on one side of the stage every year to select excellent regional operators from across the country to answer and vote on site to ensure the normal operation of the instrument and protect rights, Accept complaints and reports from consumers on site. 1. It is a hot topic in the research of biological functional materials in recent years. On the 4th, it was learned from Rizhao Administration for Industry and commerce that this year, there will be a beautiful operator Gonghong from Rizhao in this team

Gong Hong is an operator of the 12315 consumer complaint reporting center of Rizhao Administration for Industry and commerce. She is 30 years old and has worked as an operator for 89 years. Ge Changhong, chief of the consumer protection section of the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, told that the call center operator is a very aggrieved position. Facing dozens or even hundreds of all kinds of complainants every day, he often meets unreasonable, drunk, arrogant, and sharp edged. Therefore, the work of the operator requires both professionalism and patience, and it is not easy to stand out among many excellent operators

and has made many efforts. Gong Hong's colleague told him that Gong Hong had a heavy work during his stay in Beijing. On the 14th and 15th, he tried to contact Gong Hong himself for many times, but failed to contact him. Zhang Yuling, a colleague of Gong Hong, said that yesterday, CCTV 12315 complaints had been officially connected, and Gong Hong and other operators were working overtime to handle complaints and reports. She is an old employee. She has been working hard and professional here. When she is embarrassed by consumers, she will gently persuade and explain, and try her best to make the complainants satisfied with the report. Speaking of Gong Hong's working ability, Zhang Yuling spoke highly of her and expressed her envy that she could be on the scene of the March 15 party

this year, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce dispatched three 12315 operators to Beijing for training to participate in CCTV 3? Gong Hong was assigned by name with his serious working attitude and skilled professional quality. This is also the first time that the operator of the 12315 call center of Rizhao industrial and commercial system attended the CCTV 3.15 party

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