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Hegang group held a key work analysis and promotion meeting

on June 15, Hegang group held a key work analysis and promotion meeting. Yu Yong, chairman of Hegang group, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed that we should continue to focus on the "market" and "products", take the adjustment of customer structure to promote product upgrading as the core work of the whole group, comprehensively enhance the sense of urgency and crisis, continue to work on the optimization of the client, keep pace with the times, improve the ability to connect with the market and customers, further strengthen the path self-confidence of Hegang, and move forward with confidence with the seven-year greater progress in the working conditions of 201 material

PENG Zhaofeng, general manager of the group, and other members of the leading group attended the meeting

Hegang group held a key work analysis and promotion meeting

Yu Yong fully affirmed the work of the group in the first half of the year. He pointed out that in the first half of the year, the group basically achieved the phased objectives of the annual plan, and its key work has been significantly improved, and its production and operation have achieved good results. The brand influence of the Group continues to increase, and the intangible assets of the group continue to increase in value

Yu Yong commented on the group's main steel industry, professional companies, overseas and non steel sectors in combination with data analysis and work practice. In particular, he pointed out that the profits of the main steel industry, in addition to the price advantage from the upstream market and some support from the external market, more importantly, through the active docking with the market and customers, the equipment advantage is gradually released, and the efficiency creation ability of products is significantly improved. This indicates that the group's main steel industry is gradually getting out of trouble, and its ability to adapt to the economic environment and competitive environment under the new normal is improving. The way out of the dilemma is definitely not "poverty alleviation", but sustainable and has the ability of continuous innovation

Yu Yong stressed that the survival of enterprises in the future lies in the market and clients, and the ultimate difference in competition is the difference between clients. Thanks to the great changes in the external market in recent years, Hegang has really changed from a completely inward oriented enterprise to an enterprise that focuses on the market and customers, narrowing the gap with advanced enterprises. We should be clear that this is not a simple strength gap, but the difference that we started late. The problem of the client is definitely not simply a problem of technology and equipment, but a problem of customer group selection and starting point. The development of any country, economy or enterprise needs a process. Although our progress in the market and client side is still preliminary, in just a year or two, we can become the world's largest supplier of white goods in terms of home electrical boards, and achieve full coverage in terms of automotive boards. These are all historic leaps for us

in his comments on the work of other sectors, Yu Yong pointed out that the work of professional companies is becoming more and more mature, and their positions are becoming higher and higher, which plays an increasingly important role in the overall work of the group; The development of overseas sector is still strong, and the profitability has been greatly improved, which has also won extensive praise for the group; The non steel sector has made outstanding achievements

Yu Yong briefly analyzed and interpreted the situation and trends of the steel industry in the first half of the year. He pointed out that the steel industry showed a large area of profits in the first half of the year. Various data showed that the steel industry entered a "golden period" and a new profit cycle at this stage. While taking stock of self profitability, we cannot ignore that other enterprises are also making profits, and other enterprises, like Hegang, are adapting to the new normal and new environment. This means that the current competition has risen to a new stage, and the key lies in who can take the lead. The most precious and scarce resource in the future is customers. We should put our strength on the market and customers overwhelmingly. The enterprises that can win the final victory must be those with loyal clients. From the perspective of the profits in the first half of the year, there are two characteristics: one is the performance of different enterprise categories, and the two types of enterprises have high profit levels. One is the enterprise with good product structure and optimized client side, and the other is the enterprise with low fixed costs and many cost control methods despite poor equipment; Second, in different regions, the iron and steel enterprises in the south are generally more profitable than those in the north, because they have a strong market docking ability, which is really customer-oriented and market-oriented. This fully shows that in a completely market-oriented social development stage, the ability to connect with the market and customers has become the latest basis for evaluating the competitiveness of enterprises

then, Yu Yong deeply analyzed the outstanding problems in five aspects in the current overall work. First, the development of enterprises within the group is uneven. Some enterprises have entered the industry's first profit matrix, while others are still in trouble. Second, the client has not formed a stable high-end customer base. To continue to focus on promoting product upgrading through customer restructuring as the core work of the group, we must break the steady pace and push forward. Third, there is still a big gap between the market price of similar products and advanced enterprises. Fourth, the product assurance ability and service level still need to be continuously improved. Fifth, there is still a contrast in the implementation of the group's key work. We should unswervingly integrate our thinking into the objectives and Strategies of the group's annual work meeting, focus on "market" and "products" around promoting the "six main lines of work", and continue to make efforts to connect the market and customers

Yu Yong summed up the inspiration that should be drawn from the analysis of the profitability of iron and steel enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang by building high-end customer groups in Hebei Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Shijiazhuang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. He pointed out that today, with the new business model, the traditional advantages no longer exist. New ideas, new concepts, especially the grasp and adaptation to the new situation, determine the future of the enterprise, and we must keep pace with the times; The ability to connect with the market and customers is the core competitiveness of enterprises in the new era. In the coming period, Hegang will highlight "market" and "customers" in building the core competitiveness, which is the ultimate differentiation of enterprises; All units must put down their burdens, pack light, overcome path dependence and traditional inertial thinking, unswervingly follow the variety route and product route, and unswervingly connect with the market and customers

Yu Yong put forward requirements for the group's key work in the second half of the year, especially for uneven distribution. He stressed that in the face of the huge and profound changes that are taking place in the steel industry, the core level of the group should further enhance their vigilance, enhance their sense of urgency and crisis, recognize the great responsibility to the country, the industry, society and employees, and lead the enterprise to achieve greater development. The environment we are facing now is the new normal after the country has truly entered the market economy. The future market environment will be more severe. We must plan for the long term, cultivate our own competitiveness and sustainable development ability, and support enterprises to better move towards the future

Yu Yong stressed that we should unswervingly continue to make efforts in the market, products and clients, continue to do a good job in the construction of the four support systems, deeply implement the flat reform of the organizational structure with the production line as an independent market unit, and comprehensively promote marketization and customer structure optimization

Yu Yong emphasized that we should focus on the requirements of building the supply chain into a value chain, maximize resource efficiency, and establish the concept of whole process efficiency creation. We should make full use of the group's investment and public resources at the strategic level, and truly build a platform that brings huge market value and brand value to the group. We should pay close attention to the operation and management of overseas companies and promote the internationalization of the group

Yu Yong stressed that we should attach great importance to safety and environmental protection and create a good environment for enterprise development. All units should stand at the height of stressing politics, establish the overriding awareness of safety and environmental protection, seriously implement the main body, and strictly prevent all kinds of safety and environmental protection accidents. We should go all out to do a good job in the rectification of the feedback from the inspection team of the provincial Party committee, seriously rectify the problems existing in the modification of components that measure the experimental power, further improve and strengthen enterprise management, and do a good job in operating in accordance with the law and regulations. Hegang people have the unique toughness and willpower of steel people. As long as we find the right path and direction, we will be able to succeed. From now on, all Hegang people should make more efforts to strive for greater progress in all work in 2017 and meet the 10th anniversary of Hegang with confidence

at the meeting, the responsible comrades of Hegang steel research, Hegang sales, Hegang Serbia company, Hegang Shijiazhuang steel, and the Group Strategic Research Institute, which has launched a kind of ultra-high molecular weight keta apire peek, made speeches respectively

the main leaders of all subsidiaries and branches of the group or all team members, responsible comrades of relevant departments, and cadres above the division chief of the headquarters of the group attended the meeting

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