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Heyuan builds a "light oriented" industrial economic chain of mineral resources. According to preliminary estimates, the total reserves of quartz in Heyuan City are about 4 ~ 4. 500 million tons, which is the "quartz treasure house" in South China. Chen Jianhua, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, has proposed "building an economic chain of mineral resources" on many occasions; In the cooperation between Heyuan and hanergy to jointly develop the solar photovoltaic industry, under the reflection of the 28billion "light source" of hanergy Heyuan, how will the quartz sleeping on the land of Heyuan glow? Can Heyuan make full use of the light of quartz to create a "light oriented" industrial economic chain of mineral resources

status quo - quartz treasure house waiting for golden fingers

quartz, a hard crystalline mineral composed of silicon dioxide, was made into stone axes and arrows by ancestors in the remote stone age for hunting food and fighting against enemies. After thousands of years of time travel, quartz sleeping on the land of Heyuan is about to usher in a bright future - the first phase of the hanergy Heyuan thin film solar cell project with an investment of 28billion will "turn stone into gold". In the next few years, these exquisite stones will sing a loud and pleasant song

sleeping quartz

Heyuan City is known as the treasure house of eastern Guangdong. 56 kinds of mineral resources have been found, and they are characterized by many kinds, wide distribution, high grade and large scale. Quartz resource is one of them

In the article "Heyuan has great prospects for developing solar photovoltaic industry", Zhang Zhichun, director of the Municipal Economic and Trade Bureau, proudly said that Heyuan has abundant quartz resources and is the "quartz treasure house" in South China. According to preliminary estimates, the total resources of quartz mines in the city are about. 500 million tons

。 The total reserves of 500 million tons of quartz are enough to make the "quartz treasure house" of Heyuan comparable to the "China's Quartz center" - Donghai County, Jiangsu Province, with a total reserves of 300 million tons of quartz resources. However, due to the development concept, financial strength, lagging technology market and other reasons, the development and utilization of quartz resources in our city has been in a state of "resources, no industry" for a long time

for the current situation and reasons of these sleeping quartz, Zhang Zhichun summarized it with "three lows" in his article "exerting the advantages of silicon resources to promote the development of silicon industry"

Zhang Zhichun pointed out in this article that the exploitation and utilization degree, product price and economic benefit level of quartz resources in Heyuan are very low. Dongyuan County is currently the county with the most concentrated quartz resource mining and processing enterprises in our city. Although there are 32 quartz production and processing enterprises, they all focus on the production and processing of quartz dry sand and tidal sand, which are the lowest raw materials in the silicon industry

because the silicon intensive processing industry in our city has not yet developed, at present, the quartz sand in our city is mainly sold to the Pearl River Delta in the province and Zhejiang, Jiangsu Donghai and other places outside the province, with the price of about yuan/ton; If these quartz sands are processed into float glass, fused quartz, silicon powder, silicon carbide, solar glass, quartz tube, polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon, their value can soar from 2000 yuan/ton to 3million yuan/ton

exquisite quartz will glow

it is understood that at present, the annual output of quartz sand in our city is about 500000 tons, and the annual output value is about 0. Billion yuan, with an annual tax of about 20million yuan. Jiangsu Donghai consumes about 1million tons of quartz sand every year, but it can create an annual output value of 11 billion yuan and an annual tax of more than 1 billion yuan. In contrast, the input-output ratio of resources in our city is only 2% of that of the county, and there is a huge gap. It is urgent to promote the development of silicon resource intensive processing industry in our city

exquisite quartz, sleeping on the land of Heyuan, quietly waiting for the "golden finger" that can "turn stone into gold". Hanergy settled in the high-tech zone with an initial investment of 28billion yuan. Within three years, it will achieve a 1000 MW solar cell production capacity, and the output value will reach more than 10billion yuan. Under the reflection of a huge "light source", the exquisite quartz is about to glow

quartzite is a kind of raw material resource with a wide range of uses. Zhang Zhichun believes that according to the existing process technology and product use, quartz stone resources can be used to manufacture six industrial chain series products: silicon powder, quartz glass, glass products, piezoelectric crystal resonators, high-purity crystals (polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon) and organic silicon. Therefore, in the process of promoting the development of silicon industry, Heyuan should establish the concept of "chain development", pay attention to the extension and connection of the industrial chain, and strive to exert the maximum effect of quartz resources, so that the quartz on the land of Heyuan glows with bright light

goal - Heyuan is brave to be the "Daily" hero

at present, China's photovoltaic industry has experienced explosive development and the industrial scale has been expanding, and has initially formed five plates around the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the central region and the western region

facing competitors in the southeast and northwest, Heyuan photovoltaic industry, which has just started, has a long way to go

integrate the advantages to make an article

the marriage between hanergy and Heyuan is equal to the combination of resource advantages and technology advantages. How to integrate these two advantages and create a solar photovoltaic industrial chain is the next important task

to build a solar photovoltaic industrial chain, Heyuan needs to further focus on the big project of hanergy

it is understood that Guangdong hanergy photovoltaic Co., Ltd. will expand upstream and downstream. Xiangchang enters the quartz mineral mining and establishes a solar power station downward. In this way, a complete solar photovoltaic industrial chain is taking shape

after the third phase of the hanergy project is completed and put into operation, the hanergy group will all use the local quartz stone from Heyuan to manufacture solar energy packaging glass. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. "Glass manufacturing alone will have an output value of more than 2 billion a year." Li Wei, deputy chief engineer of the group, said that the production of hanergy solar photovoltaic project will greatly drive the development of glass manufacturing, logistics and other industries in Heyuan

prospect of industrial clusters according to Zhang Zhichun, director of the Municipal Bureau of economy and commerce, the economic and Trade Bureau is preparing to invite relevant scientific research institutions inside and outside the province to study and prepare the development plan of Heyuan solar photovoltaic industry

in the development planning of photovoltaic industry, we should first highlight the development trend of photovoltaic industry technology at home and abroad, combined with the industrial foundation and development premise of Heyuan City, and echo with the "four new" industries such as new energy, new materials, new household appliances, new medicine and so on. The second is to highlight the development advantage of intensive processing of quartz resources, focusing on the development of crystalline silicon solar cells, thin-film solar cells, building solar cell modules, photovoltaic power generation control systems, photovoltaic household appliances, solar lamps, photovoltaic toys and other product projects; In order to avoid the rusting of columns due to long-term lubrication, we will guide the development of ultra white glass for solar photovoltaic cell substrates, solar semiconductor supporting components and other product projects. Third, highlight the demonstration function of solar photovoltaic power generation, and build a number of solar photovoltaic power stations and landscape illumination demonstration projects integrated with Heyuan City PTMC membrane, which can induce the formation of more bone tissue

according to this assumption, the cluster and large-scale development of solar photovoltaic industry in our city is just around the corner

Outlook - hanergy: build a research and development laboratory in Heyuan before 2015

yesterday morning, Li Wei, deputy chief engineer of hanergy group, revealed in an interview that at present, the group is starting to recruit research and development staff from around the world to be responsible for the research and development of hanergy Heyuan solar cell project. Build a solar energy research and development laboratory in Heyuan before 2015

solar cell research and development is a work with high scientific and technological content, which requires high professional level of employees. The day before yesterday afternoon, Ai Bin, an associate professor of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Sun Yat sen University, said in an interview with this newspaper that to establish a high-level photoelectric product testing laboratory, we need to understand photovoltaic testing standards, such as IEC standards, and professionals with working experience in solar cell or module function testing, such as using light and dark I-V testing, spectral response testing, environmental aging testing, etc., but we do not necessarily need highly educated researchers

Ai Bin believes that a bachelor's degree or above is enough. The key is to have research or work experience in this field. Graduate students who graduate from the laboratory should have this ability. The Engineer in charge of the production or R & D of this series with the characteristics that important process parameters (such as output and traction speed) can be centrally controlled should have the professional background of semiconductor materials, semiconductor physics, thin film physics, microelectronics and so on, and it is best to have research or work experience in the field of thin-film solar cells

as for the question whether employees of solar cell projects need to have certain professional knowledge and skills, Ai Bin said that if they are workers on the production line, they should be able to take up their posts after a period of training

as for human resources, Li Wei, the deputy chief engineer of hanergy group, introduced in an interview yesterday morning that the group is currently recruiting R & D staff from around the world to be responsible for the R & D of hanergy Heyuan solar cell project. In addition, the group is communicating with relevant departments and wants to work with local schools in Heyuan to train professional technical staff. In addition, the group will build a solar energy research and development laboratory in Heyuan by 2015

link -- all heroes compete for photovoltaic industry Xi'an: enterprises related to photovoltaic industry in Shaanxi Province are currently mainly concentrated in Xi'an high tech Zone. The silicon material industry in the high tech Zone covers monocrystalline silicon production, polycrystalline silicon regeneration, monocrystalline silicon grinding tablets, equipment manufacturing and silicon material commerce, and has begun to take shape. Its main production enterprises include Huade crystal, Sijia, Xiyue, Lijing, Jingxin silicon materials, Longji silicon technology, Simei monocrystalline silicon, Xilang and other leaders in the same industry in China

at present, Xi'an high tech Zone has gathered more than 40 enterprises engaged in the production and manufacturing of solar photovoltaic industry. Enterprises such as Polytechnic crystal, Xiyue semiconductor, Lijing, Huajing, Simei and Lianchuang have formed a relatively perfect industrial cycle structure from single crystal furnace manufacturing, crystal drawing, slicing, polishing to material recycling

Hangzhou: the five-year action plan for the development of new energy industries such as the solar photovoltaic industry in Hangzhou was officially announced a few days ago. Within five years from 2009, Hangzhou will pave 2. The 800 million yuan fund is specially used for the industrialization and technological transformation of major new energy achievements such as solar photovoltaic, and the research and development of hub technologies and products. By 2011, the total amount of solar photovoltaic industry in the city will quadruple on the basis of 2008, and the sales output value of Enterprises above Designated Size will reach 10billion yuan. By 2013, the sales output value of Enterprises above Designated Size will reach 20billion yuan

at the same time, the new Cangqian campus of Hangzhou Normal University will also set up photovoltaic power generation related majors to cultivate professionals; A 15 square kilometer new energy industrial park will be set up in the east of Dajiang to form a "one master" and a "multi slice" format near the river, Xiasha and Binjiang, so that the photovoltaic industry in Hangzhou can form a agglomeration effect

Chengdu: the photovoltaic industry in Chengdu has developed rapidly in recent years, and the industrial cluster has begun to take shape. It has become an emerging solar energy industrial base in China. Even under the adverse situation of the financial crisis, it still shows a strong growth momentum. In 2009, Chengdu's new energy industry ushered in new opportunities. The city is expected to invest 71% in solar energy industry this year. 600million yuan, realizing sales

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