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Jianglu Tieqi Yangwei international military arena shows China's military manufacturing strength

Jianglu Tieqi Yangwei international military arena shows China's military manufacturing strength

China Construction machinery information

from July 30 to August 13, the 15 day "international military competition-2016" was held in Russia and Kazakhstan. Among the 16 projects with their own equipment, the type 3 special vehicle produced and manufactured by the Chinese team won the second place in the "suvolov outstanding" competition, "reconnaissance elite" competition and "sea landing" competition, and the third place in the "airborne platoon" competition. "Suvolov assault" competition: Manager Ouyang, the head of strategic procurement of Jin min in the "battle of generation differences", successfully broke through

at the "suvolov assault" competition venue, the chariot used by the Chinese team is a certain step chariot that was finalized by the company in the 1980s. Some media believe that compared with the Russian made infantry chariots used by the teams of Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran and Venezuela, this chariot looks like a "generation war" of equipment. Facing the "encirclement and interception" of the strong Russian and Kazakh teams, the three racing teams of our army have successively won the third place in three rounds of cycling, effectively reducing the production cost, the second place and the first place. On August 13, the teams of China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Iran staged the final of the "suvolov assault" relay race. Although the fleet representing China was the first to fight, it only ranked third at the beginning, with its skilled obstacle passing technology and accurate shooting skills, it soon surpassed Kazakhstan and Russia on the way and was the first to hand over the first stick. Since then, the two racing teams have been in the leading position after 10 laps. In the last two laps, my chariot was judged as "missed shooting", and was fined to run three more laps for nearly 1500 meters. The Russian team took the opportunity to surpass, and the Chinese team finally ranked second in this project by a small gap

"sea landing" competition: amphibious main equipment that amazes the world

"sea landing" competition is divided into four stages: obstacle race, survival race, chase race and relay race. The Chinese team won the second place in the first stage of the "obstacle race", the first place in the second stage of the "survival race", the third place in the third stage of the "chase race" and the second place in the fourth stage of the "relay race", with total points second only to Russia and won the runner up. The competition equipment produced by the company, an amphibious infantry vehicle, was trouble free throughout the whole process. In terms of performance, it crushed the btr-82a infantry vehicle used by other teams, showing great power. "Scout" competition: the Chinese team ranked second in the total score. From July 31 to August 6, the "scout" competition was held among five teams from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Zimbabwe. In the five stages of the competition, the Chinese team went through fierce competition in 32 subjects. A certain combat vehicle produced by the company won the second place in the first stage, the first place in the second stage, the third place in the third stage, the first place in the fourth stage and the first place in the final stage respectively. When evaluating the final total score, the Chinese team won the runner up only by a narrow margin, and Russia won the first place in the total score

"airborne platoon" competition: extreme challenge in harsh environment

"airborne platoon" competition is divided into four stages and 28 contents, with many competition subjects and stages. It is the earliest event of the "international military competition-2016". From July 27 to August 11, the competition was fiercely contested among seven national teams from China, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Iran and Venezuela. In the first stage of the competition, the Chinese team won the first place and achieved the "first win in the first game". However, in the subsequent race, there were many obstacles on the ground, the track was steep, the slope was long and the turns were sharp, and the maximum slope was close to the limit of a light infantry vehicle developed and produced by the company. Every time the chariot passes the steep slope, so it is the universal material testing machine with the best performance at present. It will raise a burst of smoke and dust, and then quickly disappear behind the slope. The high temperature and heat during the competition and the difficulty and intensity of the competition design have brought severe challenges and tests to the Chinese soldiers and a light infantry vehicle produced by the company, but the Chinese paratroopers and participating equipment still played a high level in the competition. After the four stages of the competition, the Chinese team ranked third with the total score

take the needs of the army as the driving force, and do a good job in the refitting of participating equipment scientifically.

International Military competitions are a platform for the exchange between our army and foreign forces, and also a great stage for the external display of equipment. In order to ensure the combat effectiveness of the equipment in the competition, the company and the military representative office stationed in the factory jointly set up a leading organization for the equipment support work, with ligangli, the chairman of the company and Secretary of the Party committee, as the head, Xie Shangyu, the general representative of the military representative office stationed in the factory, and Huang shuaidan, the general manager of the company, as the deputy head. There are five special groups under it, including technical support group, on-site modification group, quality supervision group, publicity group, logistics support group, guided by the needs of the army, Based on the principle of "three no changes, two enhancements, and one improvement", that is, not changing the overall shape of the equipment, not changing the component structure of each subsystem, not changing the main combat technical performance, enhancing the mobility and driving controllability of the equipment, enhancing the reliability and environmental adaptability, and improving the shooting stability and hit accuracy of the equipment, the technical support plan of the participating equipment was formulated and implemented to everyone. In a short period of two months, a total of 71 technical improvements and renovations were carried out on 31 participating equipment, with a total of 590 parts and more than 32000 pieces. A total of 125 people were organized to go to the military training site to carry out equipment training and accompanying support, and 43 problems occurred during equipment training were eliminated, which effectively ensured the normal training of participating equipment and improved the reliability and mobility of equipment. The company also attaches great importance to the relevant problems of equipment during the competition, and has included them in the equipment quality reliability improvement project for research and research. After these problems are solved, the overall service performance of the equipment will be greatly improved

the supporter who is also the "informant"

in order to do a good job in the publicity and public opinion guidance of the "international military competition-2016", the company has established a leading group for the publicity of equipment participating in Russia, with Zhang Wenhui, the deputy general manager, as the group leader, and the members include the leaders and staff of the product institute, the publicity department, the quality roller stripping experimental volume safety department, the confidentiality office and other units. The leading group made full use of advanced communication means and relevant information exchange platforms and resources to timely grasp the competition information and communicate the guarantee situation. During the competition, the company reported and exchanged more than 100 written messages of the competition to China National Ordnance Industry Corporation, and recommended 66 positive reports from various media. The company forwarded 16 issues of the competition from NORINCO at the first time, with a total of 18 items. The official official account of NORINCO adopted the pictures of the company's participating equipment products in phase 13. During the competition, we strengthened the monitoring of public opinion and tracked the official account and stations of more than 60 military media. Due to the outstanding performance of the company's participating equipment, excellent results and strong support, all kinds of media at all levels have given general praise, showing a good image of weapons products. The competition publicity work of the company has also been praised many times by the party construction and mass Industry Bureau of China Ordnance Industry Corporation. Ye Jincai and Tan Li of the quality and safety department are the "support staff" sent by the company to Russia to serve as the equipment support task of the Chinese team's "landing at sea" and "airborne platoon". In order to ensure the normal operation of the participating equipment, during the more than 20 days of technical support services, they went out early and returned late every day, participated in training together, and withstood the test of outdoor sun and rain together. While successfully completing the equipment support task, they also act as "informants", overcome the difficulties of limited information channels and limited scope of work, and do everything possible to collect information to feed back the situation of the stadium to the company through special channels at the first time. From July 20 to August 13, they sent back more than 400 text messages, more than 200 pictures and more than 100 videos to the company. Their hard work was praised by ligangli, chairman of the board of directors and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, at the central cadre meeting. (this article comes from the foot of the river)

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