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Hegang group won the largest high-end steel order of Zhengmei machine in 2016

Hegang group won that the other end of Zhengmei machine is fixed with the cover fixed into one with the head; On November 23, the group's q690d, Q550D and other high-strength plate products were sent to Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou coal mining machinery), which was the first batch of 10000 tons of high-end steel directly supplied to Zhengzhou coal mining machinery. This order is the largest high-strength board order purchased by Zheng coal machinery in 2016

the sales of Hegang will increase varieties, increase investment attraction and development, strengthen steel market development, optimize variety structure through high-end customer development, give full play to the front-line advantages of overseas branches in the market while increasing the direct supply of key projects and important customers, speed up the frequency of customer visits, improve the level of visits, increase technical support, and deeply connect customers HRC: it is the hardness obtained by adopting 150kg load and diamond cone indenter

in November, Henan iron and steel sales Zhengzhou branch actively contacted and communicated with Zhengzhou Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. to timely implement resources and prices after obtaining the demand intention of key customers. The customer manager followed up the service throughout the process to ensure that the contract signing and other work could be completed efficiently in the case of violent market price fluctuations. (this article is from Hegang group)

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