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Which Changshu voltage regulating transformer manufacturer has good quality

which Changshu voltage regulating transformer manufacturer has good quality? Kunshan baoyusi Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. has advanced testing equipment and perfect testing means. The company follows the principle that quality is the life of the enterprise and has a strict quality management system. This is mainly due to the poor physical properties of self insulation materials in the United States. DuPont, Nippon Steel, WISCO and other companies have established a solid supply relationship. The company's products are widely used in various fields, and its progressiveness, reliability and economy are fully recognized by the majority of users. In order to expand the application of the products in the domestic market, the company makes the majority of users rest assured to choose the products of baoyusi with high-quality products, close to users' services and reasonable product prices

transformer: special transformer for large current, such as electric furnace transformer and welding transformer; Or power transformer for electronic instruments, TV, radio, etc. The loss of transformer core is closely related to the frequency, so it should be designed and used according to the use frequency, which is called the working frequency. Under the specified frequency and voltage, the transformer can work for a long time without exceeding the output power of the specified temperature rise. It refers to the voltage allowed to be applied on the coil of the transformer. This kind of engine will be used for the replacement of aventador. With the development of sensor technology, the vehicle model shall not be greater than the specified value during operation. It refers to the ratio of primary voltage to secondary voltage of transformer, which is different from no-load voltage ratio and load voltage ratio. When the secondary of transformer is open circuit, there is still a certain current in the primary. It is necessary to understand its basic properties, limitations and failure modes. This part of current is called no-load current. No load current consists of magnetization current (generated magnetic flux) and iron loss current (caused by core loss). For 50Hz power transformer, the no-load current is basically equal to the magnetizing current. It refers to the power loss measured at the primary when the secondary of the transformer is open circuit. The main loss is the core loss, followed by the loss (copper loss) caused by no-load current on the primary coil copper resistance, which is very small. Is the percentage of the ratio of secondary power P2 to primary power P1. Generally, the higher the rated power of the transformer, the higher the efficiency. It indicates the insulation performance between each coil of transformer and between each coil and iron core. The insulation resistance is related to the performance, temperature and humidity of the insulating material used

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