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Which Fengtai hardware parts cleaning machine is of good quality? But if the cleaned objects are large and the dirt is heavy, it will be more than that. Over the years, our company has been insisting on the business target of "reputation first, customer first, treating each other sincerely, small profits but quick turnover", and our products are sold to 27 provinces and cities in China. Generally, the cleaning in the factory industry is only minutes. When the ultrasonic power is too weak, it is not a problem of long or short cleaning time. It is likely that the cleaning will be unclean. In addition, the ultrasonic frequency is also a component that determines the cleaning efficiency. Generally, the ultrasonic cleaning equipment between 28kHz and 128khz on the market is mainly used for the application of the cleaning assembly line in production. In fact, it is quite critical. The cleaning time depends on the number of cleaning processes. If the full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is selected to practice the whole cleaning process, it is also a long-term feasible method, This is more efficient than manual cleaning, and the cleaning degree will be relatively cleaner

the road will inevitably cause damage after long-term use. At this time, maintenance and treatment should be carried out to ensure the smooth traffic. Over the years, our company has always adhered to the plan of "creating first-class products, establishing first-class brands, and providing first-class services", constantly improving and improving the nature of products, as well as developing new products. In the process of maintenance and treatment, the high-pressure cleaning machine has become a rare and ideal equipment, so what role can it play here

in highway maintenance, high-pressure water jet cleaning with high-pressure cleaning machine can not only clean the grease, soil and tar on the road maintenance equipment, but also the paint, dirt, tar, adhesive and lane separation on the cement bridge and overpass, but also smooth the worn parts and heavy oil on the cement

it has been noted that when ultrasonic effect is applied to the liquid, each bubble in the liquid can ensure the qualified rupture of the material. It will produce a shock wave with great energy, which can produce hundreds of degrees of high temperature and thousands of atmospheres at once. This phenomenon is called "cavitation". Ultrasonic cleaning is to use the shock wave generated by bubble rupture in the liquid to clean and wash the internal and external surfaces of the workpiece. In the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine, when the ultrasonic power supply changes the 50Hz daily power supply frequency to 28kHz, it is carried to the ultrasonic generator (transducer) bonded at the bottom of the cleaning tank containing the cleaning solution through the output cable. The transducer converts the high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration and transmits it to the cleaning solution. When the high-frequency mechanical vibration is transmitted to the liquid, the above cavitation phenomenon occurs in the cleaning solution, Reach the purpose of cleaning

facts have proved that the road cleaned by the high-pressure cleaner is not only clean and sanitary, but also flat and safe. Therefore, the cleaning machine is also widely used in highway maintenance. The water jet cleaning technology can not only ensure that the highway maintenance can reach the standard, but also produce considerable economic benefits

the unique characteristics of the high-pressure water jet technology of the high-pressure cleaning machine and its many advantages applied in the cleaning field. The company has always insisted on breaking through the product development and research, continuously introducing advanced technologies from Europe and America, and combining the actual situation of domestic customers, constantly innovating services, and providing more advanced products and services for the majority of users with rigorous, realistic, practical and efficient work efficiency. In addition, the experience and economic benefits obtained from the application in practice, as a high-quality, efficient, cheap, safe, rapid, reliable and effective cleaning method, have been increasingly recognized by the highway maintenance industry

the main working medium of the high-pressure water cleaning machine is pure water. After ordinary tap water is pressurized to more than 1000 atmospheres through the high-pressure water pump, a jet beam with highly concentrated energy is sprayed through the high-pressure nozzle with small aperture. Because this water jet has great striking ability, it can be instantly released on the cleaned dirt to remove the dirt on the equipment surface

which Fengtai hardware parts cleaning machine is of good quality to ensure the health of operators and prevent safety accidents. 3. It is required to connect, adjust and use the air supply pressure in strict accordance with the rated standard. Operate the machine in accordance with the operating methods and procedures in the instruction manual. 4 do not bring cloth strips, paper scraps or other sundries into the machine cleaning room, nor leave them in the liquid storage tank, or they may cause pipe blockage and machine damage. 5 when operating the machine, please pay attention to the appropriate strength to avoid damage to the machine components. 6 do not use solvent to clean the surface of the machine. Use demonstration, post subsidy or other non stainless steel components have been adopted. The business index of "glory, customer first, honesty, small profits and quick turnover" has been adhered to. The products are sold to 16 provinces and cities in China. It is our long-term goal to promote with reputation and survive with quality, which has been deeply loved by the majority of users for many years. To ensure the service life of the machine. As for the cleaning of mechanical parts and components, especially vehicle parts and components, the commonly selected method at present is to put the parts and components to be cleaned in gasoline, kerosene or diesel and brush them with a brush, and then use compressed air to blow the special parts that cannot be brushed by a brush such as holes

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