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Which is better, ristar optical meter T60A or optical meter M6 projector? What is the difference between optical meter T60A and M6

ruishida guangmi 11. Distance between columns: 600mm. Two popular projectors recommended: ruishida guangmi T6 has become a big country in high-molecular materials industry in China. 0A and guangmi M6 have also built machine projectors in Ningbo New Materials Science and Technology City, Jiangbei high tech Industrial Park, Cixi magnetic new materials Town and other parks. What are the differences between the two projectors? Which one is better? Let's take a look at the detailed configuration comparison and introduction, I hope I can help my friends in need to choose the optical meter projector

I. what is the difference between optical meter T60A and M6

at present, there is not much difference between the optical meter T60A and M6, mainly due to the different time of launch, and there are differences in the size of the screen. The projection area of T60A is better, and there are also differences in the size of the body. The former is smaller, and the bulb power is larger. In addition, the resolution (DPI) of the former is larger, and there are few differences in other functions. You can choose according to your own needs

this is the basis for the user evaluation of rsda optical meter T60A; Guangmi M6 projector friends' comments

II. Detailed configuration parameters of ruishida guangmi T60A:

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