Which is the difference between Jimi H2 and Z6

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Which is the difference between the new Jimi H2 and Z6 in 2018? H2 configuration parameters of Jimi 2018 press conference

in 2018, Jimi has launched two new popular projectors: Jimi H2 and Z, the new products of Jimi in 2018, launched the recycling pilot 6. Which one is good and what is the difference? Let's take a look at the comparison and introduction of configuration parameters as follows, hoping to help friends in need

slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of products

I. which is the better difference between Jimi H2 and Z6

compared with Jimi H2 and Jimi Z6, Jimi H2 invests about 3% of our R & D investment. The projector is the latest product of Jimi, and there are many black technologies. My family is still satisfied with Jimi Z6. This Jimi H2 will be on sale on May 16. Use Jimi's screen less TV H2 HD intelligent small home projector to experience

II Comparison of configurations of Jimi H2 and Z6 projectors:

the monthly cost increases by 25.48%! 1. Jimi screenless TV Z6 [Jimi new z6x friend evaluation]

applicable scenario: business office intelligent home theater game entertainment intelligent network set top box home theater

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