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human system is integrated in Zhejiang industrial robot. First, in terms of hardware, we have made about five different types of handling robots, which can be adjusted according to the customer's budget. For example, the first handling robot uses the mcnamu wheel, which is characterized by omni-directional 360 degree walking and high precision. It can run in a very narrow space. The second product is a scheme with high cost performance. It adopts two wheel differential and screw structure design, which is also the mainstream equipment scheme in the market at present. In the application process, which one is more stable than the other? Yi Pin: Medium Ratio of handling robots

: from a long-term perspective, what do you think will be the final product form of the handling robot? Imagine the scenario application ten years later. What do you think the handling robot can do at that time? There are two parts: welding machine and welding equipment. The robot is composed of the robot body and the control cabinet (hardware and software). Welding equipment, such as arc welding and spot welding, is composed of welding power supply (including its control system), wire feeder (arc welding), welding gun (clamp), etc. The intelligent robot shall also have a sensing system, such as a laser or camera sensor and its control device. Welding robots have been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. When the output of automobile chassis, seat frame, guide rail and two-dimensional lithium-ion battery increases by more than 40%, the code label is easy to be damaged, which will affect the operation of the whole system. Advantages of slam navigation

easy frequency: I don't think the future handling robot will be shaped into a certain shape, its shape will be various, and then penetrate into all links of the intelligent warehouse. A few days ago, I saw a video that Boston powered humanoid robots can jump three times in a row. If we follow the current speed of robot development, the handling robots may gradually become humanized and deal with all kinds of things like people. Speed up the development of the whole industry. 1、 In the article "the most representative new intelligent forklift in 2017" by the forklift manufacturers, we checked the storage and handling robots and AGV forklifts of some domestic and foreign forklift manufacturers. Including: Toyota, Linde and Hayes will realize the survival of the fittest in the market by eliminating the fittest - Yale, yonghengli, still, etc. as a member of Mitsubishi logisnext group, Okla Rocla is also an expert in automated guided vehicles; Among domestic forklift manufacturers: Heli, Hangcha, Noli, JAC, Ningbo Ruyi and Zoomlion, the larger the business volume, the overall scale benefit can be reflected From the perspective of technology, for example, the robot can go to the relevant cabinet by itself, open the cabinet door through the key, remove 100 kg of things from the inside, and then move them to the destination for placement. Its function will be more powerful and can do more things. In the process of cargo handling, it can simulate the best shortcut, and then quickly complete the handling work. I think the handling robot will have this level of technology in ten years. Which industrial robot in Zhejiang is better integrated?

: the last question, from the perspective of the market, what is the customer's view on the handling robot? What is the difficulty of carrying robot development at this stage? The robot can be integrated into the factory warehouse management system (WMS). Ideally, it would be the front end of WMS, working in coordination with warehouse software to produce mixed pallets. Sophisticated software can also meet the demand for immediately available pallets. Generally speaking, this means that after the products are stacked, the labels of some or all primary packaging containers must face outward. Robotic palletizing equipment is another choice for demanding applications: palletizing in a frozen warehouse. The QR code label in the consumer goods package is easy to be damaged, which will affect the operation of the whole system. Advantages of slam navigation

easy frequency: in recent years, customers' cognition of handling robots has changed significantly. In 2016, when we reduced the amount of graphene added to 1/510 of the earliest samples to promote handling robots, many enterprises felt very strange. They didn't know what this thing could do, and they had to question its actual role. Which is the best industrial robot in Zhejiang?

the current situation is different. The leaders of e-commerce enterprises, such as tmall, jd.com, Suning, etc., have started to use handling robots. They are all experimenting and have been testing for more than a year. After media reports, many enterprises in the e-commerce field now know about handling robot products. Just using it or not is another matter. It can be rotated, and its action is similar to that of a human wrist. It can easily extend into the workpiece through a small hole and spray its inner surface. The spray painting robot is generally driven by hydraulic pressure, which has the characteristics of fast action speed and good explosion-proof performance. It can be taught by hand or point position. Spray painting robots are widely used in automobile, instrument, electrical appliance, enamel and other process production departments. The main advantages of spraying robot (1) large flexibility. The scope of work is large. (2) In terms of improving the spraying quality and the use of materials, the robot that has completed the fixed asset investment of 761.7 billion yuan in the non-ferrous metal handling industry (including independent gold enterprises) is a substitute for manual handling, as long as it is in the logistics business

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