Which is the most popular manufacturer of LED work

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Which one is the best manufacturer of Zhengzhou drill truck LED work lights?

which one is the best manufacturer of Zhengzhou drill truck LED work lights?

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which one is the best manufacturer of Zhengzhou drill truck LED work lights?

heat dissipation design of high-power LED lighting lamps. The heat dissipation design of high-power LED is mainly to prevent safety problems caused by overheating of LED chips. The heat dissipation design of high-power LED mainly includes the heat dissipation channel design of the chip interior, packaging, tube shell and radiator. The chip distributes the surface temperature evenly through a reasonable layout. The packaging thermal design is mainly through the scientific selection of packaging materials to maximize the reduction of material thermal resistance and reduce the impact of thermal stress on the chip performance. Both the tube shell and the radiator should be designed according to the heat dissipation requirements of high-power LED. The service life of the power supply is much shorter than that of other parts of the lamp. The service life of the power supply affects the overall service life of the lamp. The theoretical service life of the lamp bead is 10000 hours, while the service life of the power supply is 0 The design and material selection of the power supply will determine the service life of the power supply. Full spectrum LED lamp can not only effectively reduce the blue light hazard of LED light source. Basically, the camera will be equipped with LED fill light for shooting at night and in dark environment. Without this fill light, there will always be problems of whitening, skin color and object color completely deviating from the normal color. The full spectrum fill light can fill all wavelengths and colors, making the skin color and color closer to the real object. It is reported that existing enterprises and scientific research institutions have joined hands to develop a full spectrum lighting system that can simulate the color temperature changes of sunlight throughout the year and at different times in the morning and evening, which is more in line with the natural growth law of organisms. For scenes in fixed mode, you do not need to switch on and off the lights and adjust the lights one by one. You can press one key to control a group of lights after only one programming. This is the scene setting function. The conversion of multi-channel lighting scene can be realized by one touch operation; You can also get the desired combination scenes of lights and electrical appliances, such as home mode, home mode, reception mode, dining mode, Cinema mode, couples' night talk, night rise mode, etc. Any place (even in the swimming pool) can control the electric circuit composed of its own room through multiple devices. A large number of plastic parts are used in LED lamps, including LED packaging elements, LED optical lenses, light scattering elements, high-efficiency heat dissipation elements, light reflection and light diffusion plates, etc. heat conducting plastics are increasingly replacing metal parts in the heat conducting parts of LED lamps

Zhengzhou can calculate the number of our LEDs and the approximate power of the heat source according to Guangtong, and then we can design the heat dissipation system. At present, passive heat dissipation (such as adding wind bucket) is strictly prohibited for those with traceable standards, so we can only rely on their own heat dissipation structure. (direction: larger heat dissipation surface area, higher heat conductivity, radiator utilization efficiency, insulation layer solution) for the design of heat dissipation system, we design a temperature rise limit, such as when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees, it is not greater than 25 degrees, and then calculate the system thermal resistance. At present, most regions in China have basically realized the replacement of LED bulbs. With the continuous improvement of market share, the performance of LED lamps has been improved in terms of lighting, light quality and color, but the research on heat dissipation and safety still needs to be strengthened. The main channel for heat dissipation of LED lamps is to well export and disperse the internal heat to achieve temperature balance and ensure the stable operation of LED. At the same time, metal materials have conductive properties, which will increase the leakage risk of lamps. Therefore, the progress of LED plastic granulator technology is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. The lamp heat dissipation technology mainly focuses on those heat-conducting plastics with good heat dissipation performance, high environmental protection performance, many structural forms and high safety. In order to solve the defects of traditional LED lamp driving power supply, we propose a new topology of LED lamp driving power supply to optimize the design of driving power supply and realize mass production

based on the industrial automation control system, rapid spectral measurement technology and colorimetric data processing technology, the whole system of Zhengzhou drill truck LED work lamp manufacturer is applied to the LED professional lamp production line, which can greatly improve product consistency and production efficiency, reduce production costs and enhance product competitiveness. Heat conduction only solves the way of heat transfer, while heat convection is the main function of the radiator. The heat dissipation performance is mainly determined by the heat dissipation area, shape and natural convection strength, and heat radiation is only an auxiliary function

the impact of light attenuation is very serious, which means that after using these lamps for a certain period of time, the studio must increase the lamps or replace the lamps with serious attenuation to achieve the previous program recording illumination, which greatly increases the use and maintenance costs, and needs the attention of all lamp manufacturers. At present, there are more and more companies producing heat-conducting plastics. The application of heat-conducting plastics in the domestic lamp market has just started. China is relatively lack of research on heat-conducting plastics. The production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Shanghai and other places. Although thermal conductive plastics have many advantages, they still need to be further innovated in specific applications. Thermal conductive plastics, such as thermal conductive plastics, have relatively small thermal conductivity and higher thermal resistance than aluminum materials. The heat dissipation performance of thermal conductive plastics needs to be improved. The heat of LED lamp beads is directly sent to the cooling wing through high thermal conductivity plastic, and quickly dissipated through air convection and surface radiation. Application of LED lamp beads in high power industrial and mining lamps

spectral power distribution indicates that the light of the light source is composed of colored radiation of many different wavelengths, and the radiation power of each wavelength is also different. This difference is called the spectral power distribution of the light source in the order of the wavelength. It is obtained by comparing and measuring the light source with a spectrophotometer (monochromator) and a standard lamp. Considering the actual quality of materials, avoid the appearance of parts with too long and too large specifications, so as to avoid difficulty in finding materials; All processes, structures and lines that can be simplified shall be simplified. The methods to measure the junction temperature and thermal resistance of LED generally include LED infrared micro imager method, spectral method, electrical parameter method, photo thermal resistance scanning method, etc. Using infrared temperature measuring microscope or micro thermocouple to measure the surface temperature of the LED core, which is the surface temperature of the technical director of the old experimental machine factory for many years, as the junction temperature of the LED, the accuracy of the LED is not enough. At present, the commonly used electrical parameter method for LED is to use the characteristic that the forward voltage drop of the junction is linear with the PN junction temperature. The junction temperature of LED is obtained by measuring the forward voltage drop difference at different temperatures

color temperature is the amount of light source color table (appearance color performance) seen by human eyes. When the light emitted by the light source has the same color as the light emitted by the absolute blackbody at a certain temperature, the size reduction of the temperature is the color temperature. In the field of lighting, color temperature is an important parameter to describe the optical characteristics of light sources. The theory of color temperature is derived from blackbody radiation, which can be obtained from the color coordinates containing blackbody trajectories through the color coordinates of the light source. Any radiator, in addition to being able to quickly transfer heat from the heat source to the surface of the radiator, the most important thing is to rely on convection and radiation to dissipate heat into the air. LED lamps have the characteristics of long service life, high luminous efficiency and low energy consumption, which make them widely promoted. At the same time, LED lamps are also a new product. According to its characteristics, there is a set of product standards and testing methods. This testing method closely follows the product design, and can be targeted to detect the existing problems and vulnerabilities at the first time when the product is developed. It can be seen that the inspection of LED lamp products is extremely important, which can minimize the blindness of product development and optimize the performance of LED lamps

the thickness of the bottom of the radiator can be designed to be thinner, such as no more than 3mm, to reduce the weight of the product. A good lamp design will place the LED part above the fin, which is for this purpose. In the steel glass structure and other practical applications, in order to be waterproof, the product often has a closed insulation layer, resulting in a continuous rise in temperature. The hot air is upward, and specific solutions can be made according to the situation. LED lamp refers to the lamp with LED (light emitting diode) as the light source. LED is widely used in the automotive field because of its high brightness, rich color, low power consumption and long service life. Moreover, the current cost of LED is also declining year by year. According to statistics, the price of LED light is sharply reduced by 20% every year. The components of LED lamps are very small and can be well designed and arranged, which is also a huge advantage of LED bulbs. With the improvement of LED light efficiency and the reduction of heat generated, the requirements for LED heat dissipation will gradually decrease. The heat conducting plastic radiator will be able to meet the heat dissipation requirements of most conventional LED lamps

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