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Which is better than Dell G5 and Acer shadow Knight engine in real evaluation? What's the difference

both Dell G5 and Acer shadow Knight engine are popular game books in the market. There is little difference in hardware configuration, mainly in appearance. In terms of cost performance, Acer shadow Knight engine is better. Depending on the brand and appearance you like, you can choose one of them according to your budget. I started with Acer shadow Knight engine, which runs smoothly and has no Caton. After all, it has the same processor as high-end notebooks. At this price, This configuration is satisfied. It is good to work and process documents! There is no card to play the game. The picture quality is clear, portable and beautiful. I have compared many stores. The customer service is very good, very good. I recommend that you buy it

turn to Acer shadow Knight engine for more comments on the advantages and disadvantages of friends

turn to Dell G5 user comments on the advantages and disadvantages

Dell g5

Acer shadow Knight engine

1. Reference price: ¥ 5599.00 (JD event quotation link)

2. User comments: baby has received it, Unpacking it consists of many accessories. The appearance is super good. It's my favorite type. The diagonal frame, plus the red butt, the boot test brush video is super clear and fast. The fan heat dissipation is super awesome. The next day, download it? Lol was run from morning to afternoon, so there was no problem at all

Acer shadow Knight engine

II. Dell G5 quotation and comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 5799.00 (JD event quotation link)

2. User comments: the performance of the computer is good, which has met my daily needs. Occasionally, I need to open CAD to handle some work. 4. Dynamic indication fluctuation: 3%fs Features: very OK. In addition, I like the appearance of the computer

Dell g5

III. summary:

Dell G5 and Acer shadow Knight engine are world-famous brands. There is little difference between the two notebook hardware, mainly in terms of appearance and price. You can choose them according to your favorite brand, appearance color and budget needs

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