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14、 A decoration construction company signed a decoration contract with the owner Lin. the contract stipulates that the contract price only includes labor costs and auxiliary materials and tools such as cement, sand and stone, and other main materials are purchased by Lin. Shi knew that as a working class, Lin's decoration budget was low. If he wanted to earn Lin's money, he had to work hard on the purchase of materials. Soon after the construction began, Cui urged Lin to choose the main materials and assisted in the name, address and telephone number of valuable materials suppliers, smashing his confidence in choosing at a noble price, forcing Lin to choose according to the affordable scheme recommended by him. Finally, Shi earned 10% of the business introduction fee from the material store in addition to making enough money

XV. Luring the tiger away from the mountain

Zhou, the decorator, signed a new house decoration contract with the owner Hu at a low price. Because a friend pointed out that Hu should monitor more during the construction process to prevent Jerry building, Hu went to and from work almost every day and was closely monitored. It's time to lay the water and electricity pipelines. In order to get rid of Hu's monitoring, Zhou said that the ancient kitchen and bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles would be laid tomorrow, and he asked him to arrange the purchase of tiles as soon as possible. After supporting Hu in this way, Zhou ordered his men to lay the pipes and wiring with fake products at a very fast speed. In order to save materials, he covered them with cement. When Hu Xi bought the tiles, the pipelines have been completely covered. Let's be your eyes, and you can't see any flaws

XVI. Play hard to get

Zhang, a small foreman, orally promised to contract the house decoration business of the owner Xu at the price of 60% discount from a formal decoration company. Xu then drafted the contract, and Cui urged Xie to sign it in order to start construction as soon as possible. At this time, Xu saw that the fish were hooked, but he didn't have time to prevaricate. At the same time, he kindly asked Xu to consult a decoration company, perhaps the company has a better and more affordable price plan, etc. Xie's good professional ethics and honest management practices were deeply appreciated by Xu. After some rough evaluation, Xie was finally appointed to be fully responsible for the design and decoration and material purchasing

XVII. Throwing bricks to attract jade

the clever and stingy contractor, Bao, undertook the villa decoration contract of the owner, Zheng. Zheng has always pursued simplicity and simplicity. Even the ceiling of a large villa has no edges and corners of beams to expose the yuan. Thinking hard, Bao proposed to Zheng to add a wall lamp and more than 20 spotlights to interlace under the shape light to beautify the simple home effect, and the cost was only 300 yuan (200 yuan upside down). Zheng was very happy and followed it one by one. Considering the need of spotlight wiring, Mr. Zheng instructed to lay a suspended ceiling 30 cm wide around the spotlight

18. Catch the thief and catch the king

the shrewd contractor Zhang undertook the decoration business of the owner Lin's luxury villa by means of free design, foreman cleaning, cleaning and project management, and bidding low prices in muddy water, water and electricity, and installation openings. When it came to the main part of the decoration project, Chen divided the woodwork part into raw materials, auxiliary materials/tool handling fees/freight. Production costs, paint, paint costs, taxes and other parts, and layers of overweight, exorbitant prices. Lin intended to refuse, but Chen said frankly: many parts of the quotation are free, and the installation of water and electricity and muddy water are all wages. I can't do business at a loss





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