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Guangdong ABB dispensing robot is a good one

Guangdong ABB dispensing robot is a good one

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Guangdong ABB dispensing robot is a good one

for products with small batch, multiple varieties, large volume or quality, a simple welding robot workstation or a robot workstation combined with a welding positioner and a robot can be used according to the spatial distribution of the welds of their workpieces. It is suitable for flexible production of multiple varieties and small batches. Guangdong ABB dispensing robot is a good one. Every time one of the workpieces is picked up, the pick-up position sensor receives the signal, and the stepping motor moves forward for a fixed distance. Until all seven workpieces are picked up, stop and wait for instructions. Before operation, it is necessary to select and set the handling effect graphics through the upper computer. After setting, run the preset graphics in Figure 2. The visual handling system will split and combine according to the preset graphics sent by the upper computer. The preset graphics are shown in Figure 2. KUKA manipulator is used to complete the core equipment of suction and handling, which is composed of robot manipulator, controller, end effector and sensor system

for the products with small volume, easy transportation, large batch and many varieties and specifications, the welding process is subdivided, and the production line composed of robot and welding machine is adopted, combined with modular welding fixture and rapid die change technology, so as to achieve the purpose of low-cost automation with low investment and high efficiency. After that, the automatic products instead of manual handling are realized according to the running track. The earliest robots appeared in the United States in 1960. Two kinds of robots, versatran and uniform, were first used for handling operations. Handling operation refers to carrying or holding articles and workpieces with a kind of equipment, which refers to moving from one storage and processing point to another. The handling robot can install different end execution systems to complete various workpiece handling tasks that need to mark the shape and state on the data of the experimental results, which greatly reduces the heavy physical labor of the human body. Good handling performance and other features can be taught by hand or point position. Painting machine

combination of long-distance pipeline and robot technology

since the beginning of the 21st century, China's science and technology have developed rapidly. Robot technology has been widely developed at home and abroad, and has been widely used in various industries and fields. The wide use of robots has promoted production and changed people's lives. Today, robots have done some important and dangerous work. Guangdong ABB dispensing robot is a good one

offshore long-distance pipeline

long-distance pipeline is an important means of modern logistics transportation and the key to long-distance pipeline laying in the process of pipeline welding. Many projects in China are characterized by long distance, large caliber and large wall thickness. High threshold. For example, the R & D teams of Haikang and Xinsong have more than 100 people. For example, the application of traditional tobacco industry has been very mature, but with the trend of Omni channel, medicine and FMCG have the need for intelligence. This is the logic of fast warehouse and geek+. The return on investment of this scenario is lower than that of e-commerce, but medicine pursues higher accuracy of robots, which is a completely different way to play. Last year, I also wrote about the AGV of the express distribution center scenario. There is also a great demand for this kind of company. Several of these companies have already run out, but the market information is not enough. Common assembly robots mainly include programmable universal assembly operators, namely PUMA robot

field construction of long-distance pipeline

the advantages and disadvantages of pipeline automatic welding robot are as follows

(1) one key start, intelligent control and weld tracking (arc striking, swing, speed and current parameters basically do not need manual intervention). Guangdong ABB dispensing robot which is good

(2) high frequency arc striking, stable arc during welding

(3) low welding smoke and noise

(4) no spatter during TIG welding and very low spatter during mg welding

(high molecular polymer has the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials 5) it has good internal forming and beautiful surface forming

(6) let workers separate from high-intensity physical labor and reduce personal injury during welding. Barreled, film wrapped and filled products, etc. It is matched with the three in one filling line to stack all kinds of bottles, cans, boxes and bags. The automatic operation of the palletizer is divided into the steps of automatic box feeding, box transfer, sorting, stacking, stacking, lifting, supporting, stacking and unloading. For random pallets, palletizing robot is the only choice. However, robot loading also faces many problems, and it will be more difficult to produce at a higher speed. A small and medium-sized steel plant handling random loading can not produce rib steel without adding vanadium. The structural types include horizontal joint type, rectangular coordinate type, multi joint type and cylinder

(7) easy operation and low welding cost

(8) higher welding efficiency (compared with manual arc welding and argon tungsten arc welding). Guangdong ABB dispensing robot which is better

(9) poor wind resistance (compared with manual arc welding)

(10) it is especially applicable to the welding, priming, filling and covering of pipe orifice

(11) improving the image of the client company is a necessary weapon for the subcontractor to undertake the project

1. The robot body is generally a 6-axis articulated manipulator driven by a servo motor, which is composed of a driver, a transmission mechanism, a manipulator, joints and internal sensors. Its task is to accurately ensure the required position, posture and motion trajectory of the manipulator end (Humvee gun)

2. The robot control cabinet is the nerve center of the robot system, including computer hardware, software and some special circuits. It is responsible for processing all information and controlling all actions of the robot in the working process. In China, when the cost can be recovered in two years, the customer will choose to invest in equipment). If we only look at the large customer market, the scale is about 10 billion. Although there are many long tail SKUs in a single warehouse and the algorithm is more complex, it is often universal in the system of a single customer, can be copied quickly, and has more obvious efficiency advantages than manpower. So to sum up, there are only two things for AGV to do before it becomes big: to improve the penetration rate of key customers (in the past, key customers selected several suppliers, and JD also wanted to do it by itself), to be widely used in machine tool loading and unloading, stamping machine automatic production line, automatic assembly line, palletizing

3, welding power supply system, including welding power supply, special welding gun, etc

4. Welding sensors and system safety protection facilities

5. Welding fixture. Guangdong ABB dispensing robot

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