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Which is better to evaluate Shanling M8 and abaso dx220max? What is the level of Shanling M8? Is the sound quality good?

Shanling M8 and abasso dx220max are two popular music players in the market. Let's take a look at the differences between Shanling M8 and abasso dx220max music players and compare their quotations and comments for the reference of friends in need

I. Shanling m is not only to limit the environmental parameters within a certain tolerance range, 8 which is better to distinguish from abaso dx220max

Shanling m8

Shanling M8 and aibaso dx220max players. Comparatively speaking, this Shanling M8 has better sound quality and higher price. It mainly depends on personal budget and needs. I started with this Shanling M8, which has exquisite body appearance, good hand feeling, smooth operation and flagship style. I like it! Try listening with Bluetooth headset, tri band balance, more durable, a little calm, good control. I am not an enthusiast. I usually use it to listen to the songs in the electronic tension machine. I like its function. Bluetooth 5.0 has high bit rate bidirectional transmission and supports Wi Fi song transmission, airplay, etc

1. Turn to old users of Shanling M8 to see how the sound quality is

2. Abasso dx220max is quoted by JD. Do you regret buying it

II. Shanling M8 player quotation and user comments:

Shanling m8

1. Reference price: ¥ 9998.00 (see JD event quotation)

2. User comments: the first day the order is received the next day. First of all, the logistics is very good and no floppy disk is accepted. The customer service attitude was also very good. The package is very exquisite. The fuselage is beautiful and magnificent. It is much more beautiful than the photos. The jack design is special. The smoothness of the touch screen is very good, the sound quality is perfect, and the operation is relatively smooth. The aluminum alloy shell is very high-grade. The Android operating system is not difficult. The battery is also very durable. Very satisfied overall

III. abasso dx220max quotation and user comments:

abasso dx220max

1. Reference price: ¥ 1299.00 (see JD event quotation)

2. User comments: workmanship texture: glass back plate, metal frame, good texture, exquisite workmanship. Sound quality and sound effect: compared with the card 1mk2, the bass is much stronger. The bass of card 1 is too rash. The sound of 808 drum is similar to that of beating iron sheet. It has a bright future. I really can't like it. The bass of card 8 is much thicker, and the listening sense is significantly improved. Standby duration: the standby duration does not change much, and there is no sign of increasing power consumption

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