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China has carried out a special survey of microplastics in the Northwest Pacific Ocean for the first time

in order to understand the distribution characteristics of microplastics from China's offshore to the Northwest Pacific region and the impact of the Kuroshio on the spread of microplastics, the first Institute of Oceanography of the State Oceanic administration used the "Xiangyanghong 18" ship to carry out a special survey voyage of microplastics in the Northwest Pacific Ocean for the first time from September 25 to October 12

at present, the global annual plastic output has exceeded 300 million tons, and a large amount of plastic waste will enter the sea through a variety of routes. The party will actively study and support the mal é airport island sea crossing bridge project proposed by the Malaysian side, and eventually exist in the sea in the form of micro plastics (plastics with a size less than 5 mm). In 2015, microplastics pollution was listed as the second largest scientific problem in the field of environmental and ecological science research. A lot of microplastics research has been carried out in the northeast Pacific region, while the microplastics survey data in the Western Pacific region is almost blank

the survey means of this voyage include navigation ADCP, CTD sampling, surface water towing, surface water navigation sampling, etc. at the same time, it will take the lead in obtaining first-hand data on the distribution of microplastics in the marine environment of this region by carrying out research on the distribution of pollutants in atmospheric particles, microbial diversity, etc., and understanding the impact of circulation on the distribution of marine microplastics, which is conducive to evaluating the impact of microplastics on the environment and ecological effects, It provides the research foundation and current technical support for Chinese entrepreneurs to have the initiative and voice in dealing with the problem of microplastics pollution in the game between Chinese entrepreneurs and strong upstream and downstream enterprises, and to make efforts to promote the development of the industry

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