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First in China! Shanghai nearly 8000 tons of waste paint barrels "turn harm into treasure"

the first in China! Nearly 8000 tons of waste paint barrels in Shanghai "turn harm into treasure"

December 19, 2016

[China paint information] swallowed the waste oil paint barrels and spit out the red molten steel. Baosteel Co., Ltd. has carried out the pilot work of using converters to absorb waste paint barrels. Over the past year, nearly 8000 tons of waste paint barrels in Shanghai have been "extinguished" in the converters of Baosteel Co., Ltd. steelmaking plant and turned into safe and environmentally friendly molten steel. This method of using converter to absorb waste paint barrels is the first in China

waste paint barrels are listed in the national list of hazardous wastes because of their harmfulness, and units with corresponding qualifications are required to conduct harmless disposal. Every year, the amount of waste paint barrels produced in Shanghai is far greater than its supporting disposal capacity. A considerable number of waste paint barrels cannot be disposed of harmlessly in time, and can only be accumulated in production units of 29 ~ 82hr30t, which brings immeasurable risks to management and the environment

in recent years, Baosteel has made new progress in the construction of its ability to meet the essential environmental protection standards, and made new breakthroughs in its ability to integrate with the city. Baosteel adheres to the concept of environmental friendliness, promotes the integrated application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and steel production technologies through the development of green technologies and scientific and technological innovation, and explores waste disposal technologies and processes, According to the national standard, the temperature of the specimen forming room shall be maintained at 20 ± 0, and the relative humidity shall not be lower than 50. The temperature of the curing box or fog room for specimen curing with mold shall be maintained at C ± 0, and the relative humidity shall not be lower than 90. The water temperature of the specimen curing pool shall be within C ± 0 to create a new model for the development of urban steel mills that are symbiotic and integrated with the city

on this basis, Baosteel actively fulfilled the social responsibility and strongly supported Shanghai to carry out the pilot work of collaborative disposal of waste paint barrels in metallurgical furnaces and kilns, using converters to absorb social waste oil paint barrels; Baosteel development company undertakes the reconstruction of the site, installation of equipment, collection and pretreatment of social waste paint barrels, so as to solve the problem of insufficient disposal capacity of hazardous waste in Shanghai

after the expert review organized by Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, Baosteel Co., Ltd. carried out the first furnace test of harmless disposal of waste paint barrels in January last year. After evaluating the stacking of waste steel weighing room, converter furnace entering process, smelting process, and repeatedly confirming the composition of molten steel, it is considered that it is completely feasible to use converter to dispose of waste paint barrels on the premise of ensuring the quality and safety after pressing. Subsequently, Baosteel submitted a special report and recommendations to the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau. In July last year, design calculation and FEA analysis were carried out. Baosteel was approved to carry out pilot disposal of urban waste paint barrels on a large scale by the end of 2016, with a disposal volume of 8000 tons per year

in order to do a good job in the pilot disposal of waste oil and paint barrels, all departments of Baosteel Co., Ltd. cooperated to prepare. The Ministry of energy and environment issued the work arrangement on pilot large-scale disposal of waste paint barrels; The manufacturing management department establishes acceptance standards and quality inspection requirements, and implements measures to facilitate product inspection and disassembly; The steel plant has set aside a special area for storing waste paint barrels separately, and formulated technical standards to control the residual liquid in the paint barrels, prevent the formation of closed containers, and prevent potential safety hazards from the source

in October last year, Baosteel steel plant disposed of social paint barrels in batch at No. 2 Steelmaking branch. According to the analysis results of molten steel sampling, the composition of molten steel meets the manufacturing standards. Through the regular inspection of the stacking point, the crane at the stacking point, the converter platform and the crane cab, the smoke detection is within the scope of the emission standard of air pollutants. In January this year, Baosteel steel plant expanded the pilot disposal area to No. 1 steelmaking branch, gradually improved the management, and formed a regular flue gas detection management and molten steel quality management system to ensure that the process status monitoring is in place and the molten steel quality

as of November this year, Baosteel Co., Ltd. completed the pilot task of harmless disposal of waste paint barrels in advance, effectively alleviating the problems such as insufficient disposal capacity of waste oil paint barrels in Shanghai, and practicing the concept of harmonious development between urban steel mills and cities

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