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RFID technology was first applied to the anti-counterfeiting of wood packaging

on May 15, the anti-counterfeiting of RFID on exit wood packaging was jointly undertaken by the Institute of advanced technology and the animal and plant inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. So why is it necessary to use aluminum alloy cables? What are the advantages and values of using aluminum alloy cables? The fake application scientific research project has passed the appraisal, which is the first time in the country and even the world that R material is positioned as an international first-class and domestic leading landmark project for the transformation and upgrading of China's aluminum industry. It can be cooled by sweat evaporation. FID technology can be applied to the anti-counterfeiting of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) logo of wood packaging

it is reported that the Interim Committee on plant quarantine measures of IPPC adopted the international standard of "guidelines for the management of wood packaging materials in international trade" (ISPM15 standard) on March 5, 2003. China has officially implemented this standard since July 1 last year. However, during the inspection of wooden packaging, many forged and altered IPPC marks were found, which were difficult to identify by eyes alone, seriously affecting the implementation of international standards. At the same time, China's export goods have been returned from time to time because the wood packaging IPPC logo does not meet the requirements of the importing country. Therefore, it is very urgent to solve the anti-counterfeiting problem of IPPC logo

rfid technology is fully known as electronic radio frequency identification technology, which is a non-contact automatic identification technology. Researchers used RFID technology in combination with the remote network supervision system for wooden packaging of outbound goods to develop an anti-counterfeiting system for PPC identification of outbound wooden packaging. Using this system, the inspection and quarantine staff can identify and supervise the authenticity of the IPPC logo of the exit wooden packaging in real time without the limitation of time and space, so as to prevent the wooden packaging that has not been inspected, quarantined or treated from being smuggled out of the country, so as to avoid the export goods being returned because the IPPC logo does not meet the requirements of the importing country, and effectively solve the problems of the IPPC anti-counterfeiting of the wooden packaging logo, the supervision and traceability investigation of the flow direction of the wooden packaging products. At the same time, the system also provides a friendly interface for export enterprises to add cargo logistics information, which helps 1 The preparation and utilization technology of new functional high molecular materials are used to improve the inspection quality and efficiency of inspection and quarantine departments, and improve the rapid customs clearance of export goods

on the same day, an expert appraisal committee composed of seven expert groups, including Wang Xianfu, deputy director of the information center of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and gonghuixing, academician of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, appraised the project. Experts agreed that the research results filled the gap in the research on the anti-counterfeiting system of China's outbound wooden packaging labels, and had a certain creativity, providing an important technical means for the competent authorities to supervise the outbound wooden packaging. The project has reached the international advanced level in the field of wood packaging supervision

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