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China has built a 10000 ton multifunctional experimental system to test the seismic performance of buildings. After 10 years of research, the "China Construction 10000 ton multifunctional experimental system" launched by the China Construction Technology Center was recently completed and officially put into trial operation. It has become the world's only six degree of freedom Engineering Structure Experimental equipment with a vertical loading capacity of more than 10000 tons, which can carry out full-scale experiments for giant and complex structures in the engineering field at home and abroad, Avoid the "scale effect" caused by the insufficient loading capacity and space of the experimental system, and truly reflect the stress state of the structure, so as to scientifically and objectively understand its mechanical properties

the "prophet" of building performance

engineering structure test and detection is an important means to study and develop structural calculation theory. From verifying the mechanical properties of materials to verifying the basic calculation methods of different types of structures and components composed of various materials, as well as the design and construction of a large number of long-span, ultra-high and complex structures developed in recent years, they are inseparable from engineering structure test and research

CSCEC 10000 ton multifunctional experimental system has the world's leading loading capacity of large tonnage, large space and six degrees of freedom. It can carry out full-scale loading inspection on components, scientifically and intuitively understand the mechanical properties of components, and carry out the research and development of new structural systems, standards and products in the engineering field

centering on the needs of industrial technology, CSCEC group strengthened basic scientific research and successfully developed the "CSCEC 10000 ton multifunctional experimental system". It can meet the needs of full-scale tests of mega structures, complex structures, engineering isolation and shock absorption substructures, etc. in the engineering field at home and abroad, provide technical support for the design, construction and manufacturing of major projects and equipment, and help China's scientific research and technological innovation of engineering structures

the "booster" of scientific and technological innovation in the industry

CSCEC 10000 ton multifunctional experimental system can be widely used in civil engineering structures such as bridges, tunnels, railways, roads, houses, dams, etc. to physically test the structural performance of large, complex and key components under complex stress conditions such as compression, bending, torsion and dynamic reciprocating loading. It is a major test equipment for scientific and technological innovation in civil engineering, It will promote technological innovation and industrial reform in the field of engineering structures

in traditional construction business, the single structural member of super high-rise buildings can bear tens of thousands of tons. Restricted by experimental equipment, structural designers generally use finite element analysis and small-scale tests as the design basis, which can not truly reflect the mechanical properties of actual members. The 10000 ton multifunctional experimental system of CSCEC has the capability of physical test of test pieces, which will provide accurate and efficient test data support for structural design and construction, and help the group maintain the technological leading edge of traditional construction business

in terms of infrastructure and new business, full-scale loading tests can be carried out on the structural components of large dams, bridges and tunnels to fully verify the structural performance and provide technical support for the safety, reliability, economy and innovation of the components. In addition, joint loading tests of 2-meter-diameter isolation bearings and multiple full-scale isolation bearings can also be carried out, which will help to improve the level of isolation and shock absorption technology and products in China, Provide technical support for earthquake resistance and disaster prevention in the engineering field

test capability "three leading"

loading capability is leading. The vertical loading capacity is 10800 tons, which exceeds the vertical loading capacity of current domestic 4000 tons and foreign 6000 tons of similar experimental equipment, and can realize six degrees of freedom loading. The maximum loading force in the horizontal X direction is ± 600 tons, and the maximum loading force in the horizontal Y direction is ± 900 tons, which can meet the full-scale or large-scale experiments of giant structural members, and can carry out dynamic and static loading tests on structural members such as giant columns, giant shear walls, complex spatial joints, dampers and vibration isolation bearings. The comprehensive loading capacity is world leading

leading in loading space. The maximum net test space is 9.1 meters long, 6.6 meters wide and 10 meters high. It can realize continuous adjustment from 0.5 meters to 10 meters vertically. It is the largest engineering structure test equipment in the world, and it is also the only equipment that can carry out joint loading tests of multiple full-scale isolation bearings

loading technology is leading. The control system adopts "the multi redundancy control technology, said Han Baole, Deputy Secretary General of China Polyurethane Industry Association in an interview a few days ago. By controlling 18 actuators connected to the loading platform, the 6-DOF loading is realized: the maximum vertical displacement is 250 mm, the maximum horizontal displacement in X direction is ± 1500 mm, the maximum horizontal displacement in Y direction is ± 500 mm, the maximum rotation angle around X axis and Y axis is ± 2 degrees, and the maximum rotation angle around Z axis is ± 10 degrees; It can simulate the complex boundary conditions of structural members, and can carry out high-speed compression and shear experiments of isolation bearings with a diameter of 2 meters. When the horizontal force is reduced by ± 600 tons of plastic film, the maximum loading speed can reach ± 1500 mm/s, and the control technology is world leading. One of the key technical parameters of the experimental system, "the friction coefficient between the vertical actuator and the sliding plate" is less than 0.2%, and the high-tech product with nearly zero friction has a long research and development cycle; The lack of requirements for performance analysis tools provides a key technical guarantee for the safety, efficiency and accuracy of the test

the "think tank" behind the innovation

the system integrates the functions of static and dynamic experiments. The control technology is complex, and the design and construction is difficult. In particular, the production and installation technology of the loading frame, the automatic lifting and locking technology of the moving beam of the loading frame, the large tonnage vertical sliding Micro Friction hydrostatic support technology, and the six degree of freedom control technology have brought severe technical challenges to the independent research and development work

the system R & D team, with an average age of 38, is composed of more than 10 doctors and more than 20 masters who graduated from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of technology and other universities. Although the R & D process faces difficulties in technology development, equipment manufacturing and other aspects, China Construction Technology Center resolutely implements the deployment requirements of the Party group of China Construction Group on "establishing an innovation system with deep integration of industry, University and research, and driving high-quality development with innovation", vigorously promotes the spirit of science and craftsmanship, and establishes a consulting team composed of 6 academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, more than 30 enterprises, University experts and professors, in conjunction with Harbin Institute of technology With the innovative mechanism of "scientific research institutions + colleges and universities + enterprises", CSCEC has overcome many difficulties in the technical parameters, test functions, equipment manufacturing and other aspects of the system, and solved the current situation that China's scientific experimental means of engineering structures are seriously divorced from the actual needs. It is a major breakthrough in the research and development of key technologies in the industry of CSCEC

academician Deng Zongquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, commented: "this is a complex experimental equipment integrating machinery, electricity and hydraulics. It is a major scientific research project in the field of experimental equipment."

at present, the experimental system has accepted test reservations from many units at home and abroad, involving construction engineering, infrastructure engineering, energy and power engineering and other fields

the Sino Russian cooperation technology center of CSCEC technology to promote heavy helicopters will focus on industrial technology research, with the goal of enhancing the practicality and applicability of the "CSCEC 10000 ton multi-functional experimental system", build an open and international experimental platform, and share innovation achievements with the whole industry and society

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