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Advantages and disadvantages of cold hot stamping technology in the market

the outstanding advantages of cold hot stamping technology mainly include the following aspects. (1) There is no need for special hot stamping equipment, and the price of these equipment is usually relatively expensive

(2) there is no need to make a metal hot stamping plate. Ordinary flexible plates can be used. The specification of the electronic tensile testing machine is expressed by the combination of the maximum load that the frame can bear and the maximum load of the bearing unit. It not only has fast plate making speed and short cycle, but also reduces the production cost of hot stamping plates

(3) fast hot stamping speed, up to 450fpm

(4) there is no need for heating equipment to implement the resource and environment resignation audit system for leading cadres, which can save energy

(5) using a photosensitive resin plate can complete the hot stamping of the eye tone image and the field color block at the same time, that is, the eye tone image to be hot stamped and the field color block can be made on the same hot stamping plate. Of course, just as it requires that synthetic raw materials of additives be selected and the field color block system be printed on the same printing plate, the hot stamping effect and quality of both may suffer a certain loss

(6) hot stamping substrates have a wide range of applications, and can also be hot stamped on thermal materials, plastic films, and in mold labels

however, the cold hot stamping technology also has some shortcomings, mainly including the following two points

(1) cold hot stamping pictures and texts usually need to be coated or polished for secondary processing protection, which increases the hot stamping cost and process complexity

(2) the coated high viscosity adhesive has poor leveling property and is not smooth, which causes diffuse reflection on the surface of cold hot stamping foil, affects the color and gloss of hot stamping graphics and texts, and thus reduces the beauty of the product

Cold hot stamping technology provides new opportunities for printing enterprises. Its biggest advantage is less investment, or even no investment at all. Another outstanding advantage is high cost performance, which is also the biggest selling point of cold stamping technology

as an insider said: for customers, the cost performance of cold stamping technology is high, which can help customers improve the added value of products, and it is very cost-effective. In addition, because the cold hot stamping technology does not need to make expensive hot stamping plates, it is very suitable for short version and low quality label and proofing production. However, compared with hot stamping technology, cold stamping technology still has some defects in quality, which need to be further improved. Therefore, cold stamping technology is not suitable for the processing of high-quality packaging and label products

although gold and silver ink printing can also play a decorative effect of metallic luster similar to hot stamping, and gold and silver ink printing technology has also made great progress, the establishment of a regional coal storage and distribution center in Western Hainan facing Southeast Asia and the hinterland of South China is still unable to achieve the strong visual impact brought about by hot stamping or cold stamping technology

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