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To create a highland of Taizhou's printing industry, innovation and integration are inseparable

guide n - the total number of revolutions of the disc during the experiment (5000 revolutions); Reading: in 2014, the advertising creative Printing Industrial Park in Luqiao District was established, becoming a provincial advertising creative park in the city. According to the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of cultural industry in Luqiao District, Luqiao printing is as famous as Luqiao creativity and Luqiao exhibition, and has become one of the three major cultural industries in the district

in 2014, the advertising creative Printing Industrial Park in Luqiao District was established, becoming a provincial advertising creative park in the city

for road and Bridge printing enterprises, this is a new start

from the early stage of reform and opening up, Hengjie early sprouted food ticket type printing, and then to the early 1990s, hand-made silk printing was widely used, and self-adhesive printing technology appeared; At the end of the 1990s, four-color offset printing machines replaced monochrome Offset printing machines, and the technology of the printing industry was upgraded; Until 2003, machines imported from abroad were successively settled in various printing enterprises, accompanied by the start of graphic design industry; In 2008, Xinqiao printing industrial zone was formed; In 2012, creative products independently developed entered the market. The changes of times and technology marked a milestone for this industry

according to the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of cultural industry in Luqiao District, Luqiao printing is as famous as Luqiao creativity and Luqiao exhibition, and has become one of the three major cultural industries in the district

The emergence of the printing industrial park is highly expected. In June 2014, 417 advertising creative printing and related enterprises settled, accounting for 85% of advertising enterprises in Luqiao District and more than half of Taizhou city

according to the data, the total output value of advertising creative printing and associated enterprises in the printing industrial park in 2013 was about 2.32 billion yuan, an increase of 14.8% over the previous year

in this report card, the answer paper handed over by Zhejiang Dongxiao Stationery Co., Ltd. is not brilliant. In recent years, the development of Dongxiao is in a stable stage, and there is not much upward trend. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Dongxiao stationery. After the hard accumulation in the early stage and the turbulence of the financial crisis in the medium term, the chairman of the company, Li Dongchun, is full of confidence in the future development

confidence is not blind. At the beginning of the year, good news came that in July this year, Dongxiao stationery will open up retail channels and enter a sprawling comprehensive supermarket in the United States as a direct supplier. This is undoubtedly a leap forward development for Dongxiao stationery

does that mean that it will be more convenient for Dongxiao stationery to enter the American market in the future? Li Dongxiao said that the entry threshold of foreign markets is high, and bidding will be carried out every year. Only products that are creative and tenable can be accepted. However, the successful entry into American supermarkets this time should bring Dongxiao a lot of room for development

the design is far behind the market demand, and the proportion of self-designed products is small, which is still a big challenge for Dongxiao stationery. Almost 70% of it depends on OEM. The foreign design is updated quickly, and the eliminated products are difficult to adapt to the domestic market. Li Dongchun, who plans to enter the Internet market, hesitates before this threshold

like Dongxiao stationery, there are many enterprises that have been focusing on the market in the printing industrial park. A few happy, a few sad. Zhejiang Eastern Plastic Co., Ltd., which focuses on the research, development and manufacture of inflatable cartoon dolls, takes into account both domestic and market. Its products are also divided into domestic and export standards

in 2014, the domestic sales output value of Eastern Plastics doubled compared with the previous year, and the export sales were basically flat, which made Eastern Plastics start to think about whether to consider both internal and external, and improve the quality of domestic products with the diversification and diversification of export products

unlike Dongxiao stationery and Eastern plastic, the problems faced by Zhejiang Xidi Printing Co., Ltd., which takes the traditional industrial route, are more about the cultivation of talents and the implementation of enterprise institutionalized management

last year, hiddy printing purchased a new super printing machine with more than 20 million yuan, which was once said to be rich and willful by the industry. In the view of chairman Guan minruo, this expensive new machine will return high profits and benefits

the equipment is advanced, but professional technicians are hard to find. To this end, Guan minruo targeted Guangzhou, where the printing industry is more mature, and hired a captain with many years of experience. In fact, Guan minruo hired a master in Guangzhou a few years ago, but unfortunately, he was acclimatized. The master, with the set of mature management system of Guangzhou printing enterprises, ran into a wall here. This makes Guan minruo deeply realize that it is necessary to strengthen enterprise management training. People are difficult to manage and enterprises are difficult to develop

solve the development problems, grasp the enterprise management and product creativity, break through the human bottleneck, speed up the upgrading of enterprise talents, and update the equipment

Sidi printing spent a high price to introduce the double ten color printing machine, which is not simply rich and willful. Before that, Sidi has been at the forefront of the local printing industry, and it is a company that defines it as ldquo; Small cracks rdquo;; When the crack length reaches the microstructure of the material and is not enough to affect its expansion, a large enterprise integrating prepress, prepress and post press processing, whose business projects include print advertising, enterprise albums, packaging and decoration, publications and other aspects, is currently a printing enterprise in Taizhou that has obtained the trademark of Zhejiang Province

on average, half of the labor cost can be saved, and the efficiency can be improved by one third. Catching up with the wave of machine replacement, Guan minruo is undoubtedly an open-minded insurance salesman

the stumbling block in front of the printing industry lies in both the contradiction of system and mechanism and the scarcity of talents

and technological equipment are out of date, but more importantly, enterprise managers are not emancipated enough and there is a cognitive gap. Guan minruo's foresight helped him realize the existence of these problems and made strategic adjustments in time

in Guan minruo's view, young people today are unwilling to learn technology patiently, so it is difficult to inherit as in the early days, which is easy to cause talent shortage and fail to retain people

last year, hiddy printing has repeatedly invited technical lecturers from Heidelberg's domestic branch and teachers from the school of media and communication of Shenzhen Polytechnic College to come locally to provide professional training for hiddy's employees. These trainings are mainly aimed at technology. This year, Guan minruo plans to combine technical training with ideological training, focusing on cultivating employees' team awareness

although he is already an exporter of cultural products in Taizhou, Li Dongchun, chairman of Dongxiao stationery, still feels that now is a new beginning. In the exhibition hall of Dongxiao stationery, we can see a variety of export stationery samples. These cultural and creative products will be exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, Asia and the United States. However, compared with the two exhibition halls, the exhibition hall of self-designed products is almost only one third of the exhibition hall of OEM products. Li Dongchun's development plan for Dongxiao stationery is to strive to increase the proportion of self-developed innovative products and seize the market

in recent years, Dongxiao stationery has become the leader of local enterprises specializing in the production of paper stationery through talent going out and design introduction. Every year, cultural goods exhibitions in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other places will bring designers together to let them see other people's designs and know their strengths and weaknesses. The designers themselves always pay attention to the popular trend of stationery design at home and abroad. Liuyakun, the designer of Dongxiao stationery, told them that they do not imitate, but just learn from each other

for many years, Li Dongchun has been focusing on the market. In recent years, Li Dongchun is also thinking about opening the domestic market. The wedding market is a good entry point. Our gift boxes exported abroad are very exquisite and can be tried more

since 2005, cultural and creative industries have started all over the country, and then various cultural and creative industry parks have sprung up

tracing back to history, Xinqiao and Hengjie, which have decades of development history of the printing industry, have already formed their own school and explored their own development path

in 1993, the establishment of the printing industry association in Luqiao District was like a spring breeze blowing into this industrial block

in addition to enterprises, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises are also concentrated in this printing industry block. The improvement of this high, medium and low industrial chain has expanded the coverage of the market, and the dislocation development between enterprises has also enhanced the overall competitiveness of the entire printing industry in the region

since the establishment of the association, based on the needs of industry development, we have done a good job in the training of laws and regulations and strengthened industry self-discipline; Carry out the construction of "double civilization" selection, standardize the industry operation, carry out the identification of industry technical training skills, widely carry out technical exchange activities, organize relevant enterprise exhibitions to visit and exchange at home and abroad, inside and outside the province, invite relevant experts to give lectures in road and bridge, and hold special lectures

until 2014, the government of Luqiao District officially approved the establishment of the advertising creative Printing Industrial Park in Luqiao District. With the support of the government, the industrial block has more confidence in development. The whole industrial park relies on the massive economic foundation, takes the park platform construction as the carrier, introduces high value-added industrial chains such as advertising creativity, recommends the in-depth development of cultural and creative derivatives, and realizes the agglomeration of innovative elements

starting from Central South Road of Hengjie town in the East, bordering Baijian highway in the south, Xinqiao new street in the west, and Xinqiao Industrial Road in the north, along Yuying road in Hengjie, the planned Printing Industrial Park covers a total area of 1.96 square kilometers, and is located in the core block of Xinqiao and Hengjie towns, in the middle of Luqiao District

in the government's planning, the layout of the park follows the idea of the integrated development of the city and the park, practices the concepts of reasonable layout, orderly development, resource integration and industrial depth, and gradually forms a layout structure of one core, which resets the technical parameters according to the conditions of furnace chamber size, refractory materials and mud used, including two axes, three blocks and one reserve, with the goal of creating a distinctive, smooth Modern industrial clusters with market competitive advantages

in order to further give play to the park's core effect, the Luqiao District Party committee and the district government have specially established a joint conference system for the development of the advertising creative Printing Industrial Park, established a Park Management Co., Ltd., issued the implementation opinions on supporting the development of the advertising creative Printing Industrial Park of Luqiao, and set up a service center. In order to solve the talent problem required by the packaging and printing industry, the park also connects major universities across the country to form a cultivation mode of School Association and enterprise. It is reported that at present, cooperation agreements have been reached with four universities including Zhejiang Shuren University to carry out cooperation in talent introduction and training, industry university research docking and other aspects through the co construction of industry university research demonstration bases, college students' entrepreneurship practice parks and other forms

after the road and Bridge advertising creative printing park becomes a Provincial Park, the direct benefit is that it can get follow-up policy assistance, which can help integrate the advertising printing industry of road and bridge, and gather the scattered advertising enterprises of road and bridge together to develop in a group. Said a person in charge of the industrial and Commercial Office of Hengjie Town, Luqiao District

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