Tianjin accelerates the construction of high-end r

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Tianjin accelerates the construction of R & D and production base of high-end resin projects

the infiltration of filler by improved matrix in Tianjin accelerates the construction of R & D and production base of high-end resin projects

April 16, 2010

[China paint information] yesterday, Yang Dongliang, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, met with Roger Willis, chief financial officer and executive director of the board of directors of American recode group, and the two sides agreed to speed up the construction of high-end resin projects, They had in-depth talks on further expanding cooperation

Yang Dongliang first welcomed the guests to Tianjin. He said that due to the impact of the international financial crisis, recd group adjusted its global investment plan and development strategy, but its investment scale in Tianjin was further expanded, and the project level was further improved. The high-grade unsaturated polyester resin produced was widely used in wind power generation, high-speed trains, flue gas desulfurization and other fields, with great market potential and good development prospects. It is hoped that recd group will seize the opportunity of the current good economic and social situation in Tianjin and the rapid development of the contract signed between China Zhongwang and Jaguar Land Rover, carefully organize, carefully design and carefully construct, further speed up the project construction, set up a research and development center in Tianjin, enhance the anti risk ability of the enterprise, and build the Tianjin project into a world-class high-end resin R & D and production base as soon as possible. The Tianjin municipal government and all departments will, as always, create a first-class environment, provide high-quality services, and fully support the development of rakide group in Tianjin

recode group is the largest supplier of unsaturated polyester resin for polymer composites in the world. It is also a major supplier with wide market applications. It provides us with infinite phenomenon space in the future from chemical materials (such as additives), intermediate materials (such as resin, masterbatch, ink, etc.). It has 19 production bases and 4 R & D centers around the world, And has the most extensive resin supply network in the world

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