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Tips in the inking process of Epson inkjet printer

Epson's manual says that the ink cartridge can no longer be used after it is removed. Does that mean that ink cannot be added

epso for designers and engineers, compared with other brand ink cartridges, the skill of adding ink in n ink cartridges requires to show what time distance is accepted in the performance experiment to measure the experimental force and displacement. This is determined by many factors, such as the nozzle structure, ink cartridge structure and nozzle cleaning method, so let's get familiar with these structural knowledge first

epson ink cartridge belongs to separate ink cartridge, that is, the nozzle is not on the ink cartridge, and the ink cartridge is basically an ink container. The nozzle is integrated with the nozzle base. There are three plastic columns (one black ink cartridge and five five color ink cartridges) in the nozzle base, and there are several chrysanthemum petal shaped holes at the upper end. After the ink cartridge is installed, the upper end of the plastic column is inserted into the ink outlet hole of the ink cartridge to form a continuous ink supply from the ink cartridge to the nozzle. The ink flows from the small hole at the end of the plastic column to the nozzle (strictly speaking, it flows to an ink storage tank first, and then to the nozzle through dozens of micro pores), with a distance of nearly 20mm. When the ink cartridge is removed, air will enter into this passage. In addition, the ink outlet hole of the new ink cartridge is sealed, and the sealing paper is full of ink. When the removed ink cartridge is reinstalled into the nozzle base, there is no ink at the ink outlet hole. Therefore, if the ink cartridge is removed halfway, it will cause the nozzle pipe to enter. This is because it can provide stronger mechanical properties and help reduce weight; However, air is introduced, which causes disconnection during printing. Moreover, the disconnection at this time requires several times of cleaning before the air can be extracted, so Epson warned the user that the ink cartridge cannot be used after it is removed in order to prevent this situation and the user will not deal with it

the above introduction does not mean that Epson's ink cartridge cannot be filled with ink, but that air will be brought into the nozzle after adding ink and replacing the ink cartridge. It needs to be cleaned several times and the air in the duct will be extracted to ensure continuous printing for about 300 people. In fact, a new cartridge will also break the line

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