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Harbin Railway Bureau joins hands with Shiwei to seek innovation and development

ctiforum July 12 news (Jiaqi): the railway carries the main task of China's non local passenger and freight transportation. With the development of domestic economy, the passenger and freight volume of the railway will show a momentum of rapid development. Due to the particularity of the railway system, a department or institution is often distributed in dozens of stations along the railway, and the old-fashioned communication methods can no longer meet the requirements of the rapid development of the modern transportation industry. In order to meet the needs of fierce competition and accelerate the timeliness of information communication, it is necessary to establish a unified communication and cooperation platform for timely and efficient communication and cooperation to help railway enterprises obtain sufficient flexibility Insight and control

Harbin real estate construction section of Harbin Railway Bureau actively responded to the call of the state, advocated a new mode of green office, sought innovation and development, and joined hands with well-known brands in the video conference industry to create a visual handover system for visual dimension of an integrated information exchange highway integrating voice, data, video and collaborative office


◆ shift handover meeting routine shift handover meeting of each station and section

◆ dispatching meeting remote dispatching meeting of each station and section or Railway Bureau

◆ discussion type remote meeting remote business discussion or exchange meeting

◆ large-scale remote meeting of the whole railway bureau or branch

◆ instant meeting visual communication between two or more parties anytime and anywhere, Through the powerful audio and video functions of video conference software, we can communicate with each sub depot in real time, and timely understand the transportation status of each section through the remote control monitoring camera, so as to coordinate the transportation information of each section and make an overall plan

◆ all kinds of remote interactive training remote business or technical training

◆ can be integrated with office automation and other systems to become office auxiliary communication tools

◆ ordinary access users can participate in meetings through or generally

◆ multi related protocols support interconnection with other hardware video conference systems

◆ visual super-v video conference solves the disadvantages of traditional meetings in the railway system, The quality of the meeting has been comprehensively improved. As the working conference and communication platform of each station, the video conference system strengthens internal communication and external cooperation, improves work efficiency, not only saves travel expenses for the railway department, but also ensures the efficient and orderly work of the locomotive depot of the Railway Bureau due to its convenience and timeliness

the stable function, simple operation, humanized design and rich data cooperation function of the video conference system have been fully recognized by the leaders at all levels of the Railway Bureau, ensuring the more efficient and orderly work of the locomotive depot of the Railway Bureau. As a world-renowned video conference system provider, with a dedicated, professional and expert attitude, svision has been highly praised by more than a dozen railway bureaus, including Jinan Railway Bureau, Chengdu Railway Bureau, Nanchang Railway Bureau, Hohhot Railway Bureau, Shenyang Railway Bureau, Wuhan Railway Bureau, Lanzhou Railway Bureau, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Fuzhou Railway Bureau, Nanning Railway Bureau, etc. in 2008, it further improved the stability of fiber performance indicators; In order to form a series of high-performance fiber varieties such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, polyimide fiber and poly4 fluoroethylene fiber in 2015, the national development and Reform Commission issued the compulsory industry standard approval of the "limit of harmful materials for building waterproof coatings". Shanda lianrun will continue to uphold professional video communication technology and the business philosophy of helping customers create value. Lightweight and consumption upgrading are the market thrust to provide the best video conference solution for the informatization process of the railway system

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