Harbin will invest 500million yuan to develop clou

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Harbin has invested 500million yuan to develop cloud computing, and the bandwidth will be raised to 40m

in order to promote the construction of cloud computing application projects, Harbin has set up a special fund for the development of cloud computing industry for the first time this year, with a total investment of 500million yuan for five consecutive years. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of cloud applications, the upper bandwidth specially designed by users for safety valve enterprises will also be increased to 40m

according to the Harbin Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, the sensor in the capital of Heilongjiang Province is a class 1 city of electronic components. Harbin is located in the middle and high latitudes in the eastern part of the Eurasian continent, and the annual average temperature is 3.5 degrees Celsius, which can significantly reduce the heat dissipation and cooling cost of the cloud computing center, and is conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction

by 2015, Harbin will gradually establish five cloud projects in the fields of medical treatment, education, finance, etc., including e-government, spatial geography, small and medium-sized enterprises, food and finance, so that citizens can enjoy cloud life. By accelerating the construction of urban broadband network, the bandwidth of users will be increased to 40m, and wireless broadband local area (WiFi) will also be covered in key areas

it is reported that Harbin was selected as one of the first 19 member units of China cloud computing base alliance in 2011. Up to now, the China Cloud Valley Project in Harbin has attracted the package to achieve "leading the small with the big and leading the big with the small", including IBM, tntel, China Mobile, CICC data, Inspur and Guoyu. However, as for the bolt torque testing machine, the industry leader has negotiated and signed the contract

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