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Harbin Electric Power Group: deeply cultivate and innovate to fill the gap in the localization of nuclear power equipment

Harbin Electric Power Group: deeply cultivate and innovate to fill the gap in the localization of nuclear power equipment

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Harbin Electric Group Corporation has achieved a breakthrough this year: the first independently designed and developed 300 MW reactor coolant pump unit of nuclear power plant undertaken by the company in China, Through all tests and 200 hours of continuous operation assessment, this has filled the gap in the localization of China's nuclear power main pump equipment, and also proved the strength of "made in China"

Harbin Electric Power Group is the largest power generation equipment in China, and China may also be trying to promote the development of domestic waste collection industry. It is a research and manufacturing base for ship power plants and electric drive equipment and an export base for complete sets of equipment. In recent years, driven by the "going global" strategy, its hydropower, gas power, nuclear power, wind power and other host and supporting auxiliary products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, such as Russia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Iran and so on

"innovation is the key to the continuous development of enterprises." Zou Lei, chairman of Harbin Electric Power Group, said that since 2008, the investment in science and technology has always maintained more than 3% of the group's main business income. Urea modified phenolic foam has also established a relatively perfect scientific and technological innovation system, and has been recognized as a national enterprise technology center, with more than 10000 professional and technical personnel

with the successive implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, "made in China 2025" and other policies, Harbin Electric Power Group has ushered in new development opportunities, and the scope of going out has also expanded from thermal power, hydropower to nuclear power, wind power and other new energy fields. At present, the group has 15 power station projects under construction, focusing on 26 projects along the "the Belt and Road"

in October this year, the Pakistan bhikki combined cycle power station contracted by Harbin electric power group was successfully started, which is by far the largest combined cycle power station with the total installed capacity of Chinese enterprises overseas. According to the application scope of Harbin Electric Power Group: technicians, the total installed capacity of the power station is 1180 MW. The 9ha gas turbine used for reference uses the advanced cooling and material technology in the field of aero-engine, which can make the net efficiency of combined cycle exceed 61%. It is one of the representatives of energy conservation and high efficiency in the field of gas turbine power generation today

by strengthening its innovation ability, Harbin electric group accelerates the development of traditional industries to high efficiency and emerging industries to high-end. In recent years, Harbin Boiler Plant of Harbin Electric Power Group has entered into the field of seawater desalination, which has broad prospects and is known as the sunrise industry. Its carefully developed "large-scale low-temperature multi effect evaporation seawater desalination device and system" technology has passed the review of China Machinery Industry Federation, and finally won two seawater desalination projects, including Goodall in India, with a total contract value of more than 100 million yuan

Wang Dexing, head of Harbin Boiler Plant of Harbin Electric Power Group, said that at present, Harbin boiler has established a water science and technology branch to cooperate with famous water enterprises and first-class universities in Singapore to continue to develop new products in seawater desalination, power plant water and industrial water treatment, urban water supply and sewage treatment, and reclaimed water reuse

Zou Lei said that the international market has become an important factor in maintaining the long-term sustainable development of Harbin Electric Power Group, in which scientific and technological innovation runs through. In 2014 alone, the group achieved a year-on-year increase of 150.4% in export sales revenue, accounting for 21.9% of operating revenue

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