Hardy launched new packaging

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Hardy launched new packaging

this is a very simple and charming new packaging for wine, but hardy wine company, Australia's largest wine producer, claims that it will trigger a revolution in the way wine is drunk


hardy wine company recently launched "shuttle" wine, a single packaged wine with a plastic cover on the top that can be unscrewed as a wine glass, which is convenient to drink at any time

hardy believes that this kind of packaging is the first in the world, which can quickly make everyone drink alcohol when many people drink at the same time

miria, the global sales manager of Hardy wine company, also known as m leenders, said that the company recently took advantage of the Cirque de Soleil Circus tour to test the sales of this 187ml wine. It was found that the sales volume increased by 160% compared with the previous Cirque de Soleil performance, and the possibility of fragmentation was greatly reduced

leenders said that although this idea is very simple, the implementation technology is very complex. The biggest difficulty is that the seal should be particularly tight to prevent the leakage and oxidation of wine, and it should be easy to twist. To this end, the company added a new production line and added an additive to the plastic, which increased the shelf life of the bottle cap to one year, almost doubling the life of the existing PET bottles

at present, hardy wine company only uses Shiraz and Chardonnay to try this new package, but the weight loss is small. It is on trial sale in some retail stores in Western Australia, and the price of each bottle is $4.95. The company plans to extend the new packaging to other brands, including the products of Houghton winery

reprinted from: Huaxia Wine News

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