Hardware configuration and hardware design of PLC

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PLC system hardware configuration and hardware configuration of electrostatic bag precipitator control system

this paper takes a 300MW unit electrostatic bag composite precipitator project as an example. The system mainly controls pulse injection, lift valve, bypass valve, pressure differential signal detection, and inlet temperature detection. This project is responsible for the construction of raw material trading market, warehousing and distribution, freight loading In multiple functional areas such as information release, a furnace electrostatic bag filter is composed of aylj dust collector and eight rows of dust collectors. The upper control computer is used as the upper machine. Each row of dust collector is equipped with a set of master station containing S7-300 CPU and a set of remote slave station, that is, a furnace electrostatic bag filter contains two sets of S7-300, and the two sets of S7-300 are independent of each other, The IP address of the upper control computer is 192.1 9.1 68.1, two sets including S7-300, and the IP address of the 11 master station is 192.1 9.1 68.2, 192.1 9.1 68_ 3。 Each workstation is equipped with 1 control cabinet., The CPU module used as the master station adopts cpu31 DP. The module has a built-in 16kb working memory and is configured with a pluggable 512KB memory card, which can realize program backup, system data, configuration information and user data storage. Interface module (im360 / 361) is selected for master-slave station communication, and 6es7368-3bf01-0aa0 is selected for communication cable., The analog data collected in the station is mainly 4 ~ 20 mA signals. The analog input module 6es7331-7k will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry f02-0ab0. The temperature signal acquisition is uranium thermal resistance. RTD module 6es733 pf01-0ab0, digital input module 6es7321-1 bl00-0aa0, and digital output module 6es7322-1bl00-0aa0 are selected,, The Ethernet module 6gk7 343-1 cxl0-0xe0 is selected as the communication module of the master station. The Ethernet module uses RJ-45 mode to connect to the switch of the upper machine console. The switch is connected to the upper control machine to realize TCP/IP data exchange between the upper control machine and S7-300 PLC, and realize data acquisition and display and equipment operation control. Hardware electromechanical - hardware Electromechanical industry network marketing service

s7-300 PLC programming software adopts Siemens STEP7 5.5, which mainly uses the standard software package of D S7 Series yljplc hardware configuration and logic programming. The STEP7 standard software package provides a series of tools, including samatic manager, identifier, hardware configuration, programming language, network configuration, hardware diagnosis, etc., which is easy to learn and modify. First, complete the hardware configuration of the control system PL by inserting the accuracy curve into the 1% frame C through STEP7 on the PC. after the configuration is completed, compile it with software, download it to cpu31 DP and save it after compilation, and then turn off the controller and computer; After loading the program, it can diagnose and control the operation of PLC. The configuration of PLC system hardware is shown in Figure 1

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