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Harbin encourages enterprises to carry out environmental pollution insurance

a few days ago, the Harbin Ecological Environment Bureau said that the a/d conversion was completed, and the Harbin Municipal Financial Service Bureau of fine medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel jointly issued the "opinions on encouraging the development of environmental pollution insurance" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), aiming to encourage the development of environmental pollution insurance in high-risk areas of the environment and effectively prevent environmental risks, Reduce environmental pollution damage and promote environmental quality improvement

"opinions" proposed to encourage heavy metal pollution industry, hazardous waste pollution industry, petroleum processing industry, pipeline (oil, natural gas) transportation industry and enterprises that have occurred 3. Try to install the samples in front and back parallel to the environmental emergencies specified in the "Harbin emergency plan for environmental emergencies" to insure against environmental pollution. Enterprises, institutions or other producers and operators that discharge pollutants at high risk to the environment are encouraged to insure in time and in full according to the quota. After the occurrence of an environmental pollution accident, the insured enterprise shall notify the insurance company in time, and the insurance company shall perform the obligation of compensation in time in accordance with the contract and legal provisions. An insurance company may directly compensate the third party for the damage caused by the insured enterprise in accordance with the provisions of the law or the contract

environmental pollution insurance refers to the insurance based on the compensation that enterprises, institutions or other producers and operators that discharge pollutants should pay in accordance with the law for the damage suffered by a third party due to their pollution of the environment. It is an important means to improve the prevention and disposal capacity of sudden environmental events and strengthen the enterprises themselves to make up for the environmental risks of China's production deficiencies

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