Harbin will implement the new minimum living secur

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Harbin will implement the new minimum living security measures

in order to ensure the basic life of urban residents and standardize the minimum living security work of urban residents, the executive meeting of the municipal government discussed and adopted the reformulated minimum living security measures for urban residents in Harbin on the 5th. It is reported that the new "measures" have adjusted and improved the urban minimum living security system in Harbin and will be implemented from September 1

9 categories of items are not included in family income

Tong Wenhong believes that

it is reported that the new measures have added 9 categories of items that are not included in family income. Take 2015 as an example: pensions, subsidies, nursing fees, health benefits, and preferential treatment for families of conscripts; Nursing expenses of retired personnel and retired old workers who participated in revolutionary work before the founding of the people's Republic of China in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state; Allowances, nursing expenses, pensions and funeral expenses enjoyed by employees who have been injured or killed on duty and their immediate family members; One child allowance and temporary hardship allowance for school students; Housing accumulation fund, medical insurance fund, and various social insurance pooling fees; Temporary relief funds of less than 1000 yuan given by social organizations and individuals who have no support, upbringing or support relationship with those who enjoy the urban minimum living allowance; Special allowances and one-time awards issued by the government, and honorary allowances enjoyed by model workers at or above the provincial level after retirement; The income of urban minimum living security personnel in the first three months after re employment; Other items that should not be included according to laws, regulations and rules

those who engage in stock speculation and other acts do not enjoy the minimum living allowance

the measures stipulates that families whose per capita monthly income is lower than the urban minimum living allowance standard do not enjoy the urban minimum living allowance treatment under one of the following circumstances: laid-off, unemployed and unemployed people who are able to work within the employment age refuse to accept employment agencies or neighborhood offices, Town People's governments, and Community labor security institutions and other units introduce jobs; Failing to pay social support fees for giving birth to children in violation of family planning laws and regulations; Family members take drugs, gamble, drink alcohol and do not repent; Family members choose schools at their own expense in primary and secondary schools or enroll in kindergartens with high fees; Family members study in Colleges and universities with high fees or favorable policies, and the sales of new cars have increased several times, department or major; The per capita housing area exceeds the city's per capita housing area standard for the previous year by more than one time (if the family population is less than 3, it shall be calculated as 3); Purchase or medium and high-grade decorated housing within 2 years (except for the purchase of affordable housing due to demolition); Having cars, motorcycles, air conditioners, high-end pets and other non essential living consumption, considering the impact of box printing on the compressive strength; Newly purchased household appliances and high-end furniture with a single value of more than 1000 yuan, such as color TVs, refrigerators, stereos, etc., within one year; The household daily living consumption level is significantly higher than the urban minimum living standard of this city; Having behaviors such as investing in stocks

it is reported that the Municipal Civil Affairs Department will separately formulate the calculation standard of various incomes of family members applying for urban minimum living allowance and the provision that relevant supporting materials should be provided

people with minimum living allowances enjoy corresponding social assistance

according to the regulations, people who enjoy the treatment of urban minimum living allowances enjoy the following social assistance according to the relevant regulations: those who study in public schools at the stage of compulsory education can be exempted from paying miscellaneous fees; Those who seek medical treatment in the designated hospital for medical assistance of urban minimum living security personnel shall enjoy basic medical assistance or serious illness medical assistance; Those who meet the relevant requirements can apply for low rent housing; When the legitimate rights and interests are infringed, the relevant institutions shall provide legal assistance. At the same time, the relevant municipal units shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions, give support and care to the people who enjoy the urban minimum living security treatment in terms of employment, engaging in self-employed business, heating, water supply, power supply, gas supply, demolition, etc

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