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Harbin: 300000 tons of waste paper are lost every year

in order to save wood, recycling waste paper has become a common practice. At present, the recycling rate of waste paper in some developed countries has reached more than 80%. According to the survey, the recycling rate of waste paper in Harbin is less than 30%. Not only more than 300000 tons of waste paper resources are wasted every year, but also a considerable part of the recycled waste paper is difficult to be made into recycled paper except for low speed

in the first company of the municipal recycling corporation located on the urban and rural roads, I saw: crumpled newspapers, blistered paper shells, stained packaging paper, stacks of printing paper... All kinds of waste paper piled up like mountains. Li Shaobo, the head of the business department of the company, said that the total amount of various types of waste paper produced by organs, schools, families, etc. in Harbin is about 500000 tons per year. However, due to the recycling effect, it is clear that it has created new opportunities for manufacturing parts with enhanced mechanical properties, and the awareness is not strong. Most of the waste paper is directly thrown into the garbage can, and less than 30% is recycled

moreover, these recycled waste papers are of poor quality, not only good or bad, but also mixed with water, glue and garbage. If the paper factory is purchased, it needs to go through pretreatment processes such as drying, Desanding, grading, etc., and the cost is relatively high, so many manufacturers prefer to buy imported raw materials, and few can really be converted into recycled paper. It is understood that according to the internationally accepted process, using 1.25 tons of waste paper as raw material can produce 1 ton of recycled paper and save 4 cubic meters of wood. Then, Harbin wastes 240000 tons of recycled paper and 960000 cubic meters of wood every year

according to the person in charge of the science and Technology Department of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, at present, Harbin and even the whole country's cultural office, industrial packaging and other waste paper are in the situation of no me products, only 5kn pull, sequential collection, mixed recycling, high-end and low-use, which is a huge waste of resources. He believes that in order to maximize the reuse of waste paper resources, all kinds of waste paper must be classified and reused according to quality

source: Harbin

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