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Is the large-area printing and dyeing protection of "limited spring mask" still "cow"

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the Spring Festival is approaching, the atmosphere of the new year goods market is getting stronger, and various "Fu" characters and Spring Festival couplets are selling well. The demand for this customized version of Spring Festival also extends to masks

recently, a kind of "new year mask" and "new year mask" limited to the year of the ox with the words "Fu", "Ji", "Niu Zhuan Qian Kun" and "Niu Qi Chong Tian" have appeared on the market. Some are also printed with patterns such as cattle and lanterns. Some masks even have a red background

in the past, disposable medical masks or medical surgical masks we used were generally pure color

will the protective effect of masks with large areas of dyeing and printing be discounted? Is there a health risk

insiders: it is recommended to use unprinted and undyed masks

medical masks that can effectively protect against viruses, which are made of spunbonded non-woven fabrics and melt blown non-woven fabrics. The commonly used three-layer medical mask, from the outside to the inside, is the outer anti moisture layer, which is a spunbonded layer, referred to as s layer for short; The intermediate filter adsorption layer, i.e. melt blown layer, is called M layer for short; The inner layer is an adherent layer, which is also a spunbonded layer, referred to as s layer for short. This is the so-called SMS structure

sms structure is the most basic requirement for medical masks. Some masks may also be smmms structure, and the core meltblown layer may have multiple layers

melt blown cloth is known as the "heart" of masks because of its filterability, barrier, heat preservation and adsorption. The exclusive raw material of melt blown cloth is polypropylene with high melt index

its principle of action is that the fiber of melt blown cloth is very thin, about 1/30 of the hair, and it has electrostatic adsorption, so small particles such as dust and droplets are easy to be adsorbed and intercepted by melt blown cloth

it is reported that the printing is not on the melt blown cloth layer. If the melt blown layer is not affected, the printing has little impact on the protective effect of the mask. The impact of printing depends on the information and communication conversion technology of each part of the system. For the current domestic process, it is unlikely to affect the melt blown cloth in the middle. Unless there is a large amount of oily residue in printing and dyeing, that is, too much ink, oily particles will eliminate static electricity

however, it is also necessary to check whether the printed mask has microorganisms exceeding the standard, whether the dyed aromatic amines exceed the standard, whether there is obvious pungent smell, and whether the cytotoxicity index exceeds the standard. Therefore, it is not recommended that people wear such printed masks

identify the identification standard

the common masks on the market can be divided into two categories: medical masks and non-medical masks. Medical masks include: medical protective masks, medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks

steel enterprises are active in enquiries. What kind of mask is it, what protective effect it has achieved, and what kind of scene it is suitable to wear? These can not be judged by the appearance of the mask. You should carefully look at the packaging logo when purchasing

the selection and identification of medical masks should first depend on the executive standards

with the continuous development of science and technology, the executive standard of medical protective mask is gb19083-2010; The executive standard for medical surgical masks is yy0469-2011; The executive standard for disposable medical masks is yy/t0969-2013. Some products claim to implement the enterprise standard (yzb) formulated by the enterprise itself. In principle, the technical requirements of the enterprise standard are not lower than the national standard (GB) or industry standard (YY)

second, it depends on the registration certificate number. The product registration number shall be marked on the outer package of the medical mask subject to the medical device license

when you buy, you can smell the product if you don't buy it. Normal masks should be odorless and tasteless. Try not to buy masks with irritating or unpleasant smell. At the same time, be careful to buy masks with too strong fragrance

the sterilized respirator has a 7-14 day analysis time after the ethylene oxide sterilization procedure. It is required in the Executive Standards of disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks that the residual amount of ethylene oxide should not exceed 10 μ g/g。

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