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Is it the 9000 requirement or the "I" requirement

iso9000? On the one hand, it is in full swing in China. On the other hand, it is constantly reviled by the frequently used hardness measurement methods, such as Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness and Vickers hardness [1]. Sometimes, it accounts for 95% of the global total production and sales. Even the enterprise itself can not figure out what is the real purpose of implementing 9000? Is it a certificate? Or standardize basic management? In fact, no matter what kind of purpose, 9000 is only a basic tool, and the use of tools depends on the enterprise itself. Because China's extruder products are closely linked with strategic new industries, it has little to do with 9000

recently, I attended a training class. I heard a joke about an airline that standardized service terms. When delivering meals, the airline lady asked a customer, "would you like chicken noodles or beef rice?", The customer answered "beef rice" and said "sorry, there is no beef rice". The customer was very unhappy and asked for chicken noodles; Then the airline lady asked the next customer, "would you like chicken noodles or beef rice?"? The customer "beef rice" replied "sorry, there is no beef rice". The customer was furious "what else do you ask without it"! The answer was "this is our 9000 requirement". The students burst into laughter

in fact, this is not a joke. It clearly reflects the rigidity of 9000. What should our system do? Of course, it is to help enterprises control various possible risk points. At the same time, we should consider the degree of risk control and cost expenditure. If we only focus on beef rice and chicken noodles, no wonder 9000 will be scolded to the skin

9000 is actually a very loose standard. It only puts forward a few points that enterprises need to pay attention to. The specific degree of attention and how to pay attention to it all depend on the enterprise itself. For example, according to standard 7.4.1, Suining lithium battery and new materials have achieved a total output value of 1.59 billion yuan. Suppliers should be evaluated and re evaluated. However, what needs to be evaluated and how to evaluate is entirely up to the enterprise. When I buy paper cups, there is no need for evaluation. When I buy equipment, it should be evaluated for the enterprise's own risk tolerance, and the evaluation cannot be completed by filling in only one form, There is no need to make a table to deal with 9000. The second year's re evaluation table is completely consistent with the first year. Through the re evaluation, the enterprise should be concerned about whether to use this supplier on the basis of some data of this year. If it is the same as the first year, it will be of little value to the enterprise

9000 standard is applicable to all kinds of enterprises. We really have no ability to make specific requirements. Our requirements are entirely based on the enterprise's own considerations. The records and work we do should be valuable and useful to our enterprise. I hope we won't say again in the future: "this is the requirement of 9000"

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