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Are local paint brands still lagging behind foreign brands

are local paint brands still lagging behind foreign brands

november 1, 2012

[China paint information] I thought, "do domestic national paint brands still lag behind foreign brands?" It should be a pseudo problem. After all, there is no accurate standard to measure "backward or not". Even if the competition between the two is explained through the relevant revenue data, there is no certain fairness. What's the solution? Because few local coating enterprises are listed companies, this determines that many important data such as marketing revenue and cost data of local coating enterprises have not been made transparent and public

as for China's coating industry, we have obtained some macro data after the experiment, such as "the annual output of China's coating industry in 2011 was 10.79 million tons", "the output of China's coating industry in the first half of 2012 reached 5.437 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 8.49%", "the output of Henan Province's coating industry in September 2012 was 297590.46 tons", and so on. Whether true or false, these data are only macro data. Without accurate data from individual enterprises, it is difficult for us to believe that local coatings lag behind the competition between them and foreign coatings

however, a contest is often not decided by accurate data. After all, the data can not reflect the internal problems of the company, and can not summarize the future development strategy of Tu enterprise. Therefore, we should also play a greater role of UTM in the following aspects. For analysis, six domestic and foreign paint brands should be selected from three different packages

first, accurate data is an important basis for persuasion. Data has always been an important reference for Tu enterprises to make relevant decisions. Through the data, we can understand the monthly, quarterly and even annual operation of Tu enterprises, and finally calculate the profitability of Tu enterprises. However, since most domestic enterprises are privately operated and few are listed companies, there is no relevant standard for the fairness of comparability between the two

according to the report of coating world, one of the most authoritative magazines in the global coating industry, in 2011, garberry entered the 2012 global top coating enterprises list with a marketing amount of 325million US dollars, ranking 41st in the world and first in China. According to the rankings, about half of the top 20 companies have branches or distribution points in China. According to AkzoNobel's annual report last year, the Asia Pacific region accounted for 33% of its marketing volume. For a brand doing tensile test with an annual marketing volume of 17.25 billion US dollars, 33% means more than 5 billion US dollars. As an important development market of AkzoNobel, the Chinese market, I believe its annual marketing volume will be much larger than that of Carpoly

therefore, from the macro data, the local paint brands are still far away from foreign brands

second, in terms of the company's management philosophy, the two areas are far apart. Due to the short development period, there are many domestic paint brands, and the market is full of various low-quality or unqualified paint products. Since most of the local coating enterprises are private enterprises, and many bosses have not received professional and systematic management training, most of the interpretations of the coating market rely on their own intuition and external research institutes

in the traditional Chinese enterprise management concept, "cronyism" seems to have become a stain that many business owners have failed to erase. Tu enterprises are no exception. In the personnel structure of local enterprises, many positions are not clearly defined, such as finance, administration and other departments. Due to the early development of foreign coating companies, many coating companies are listed early, enter the capital market, and hire professional managers to manage the company's operation. Both the personnel structure and department structure are more mature than those of domestic coating companies

therefore, in terms of personnel structure and company operation, foreign coating enterprises are examples for domestic coating enterprises

third, the different sources of the two capital chains result in different R & D efforts. Many domestic painting enterprises are still private, unable or unable to enter the capital market. As a result, the vast majority of painting enterprises have no funds for R & D, and even spread into the sales channel

today's era is an era of capital flow. Without sufficient funds, it is difficult for enterprises to go further and better. After all, in the history of Chinese enterprises, zongqinghou was the only one who did not go public and became the richest man in China. Foreign paint brands are generally listed early and enter the capital market to "swallow gold". Nowadays, more and more foreign paint brands can enter the Chinese market by the operation of capital

therefore, from the perspective of the two capital chains, there are not many Chinese painting enterprises listed. They rely on personal ability and personal capital, which ultimately leads to the failure of local painting enterprises to achieve brand internationalization

finally, the Chinese market is the largest market for global coating production and consumption, and the market development space is huge. However, due to economic globalization, with the influx of foreign paint brands into the Chinese market, and the market share is divided. Local paint brands can only catch up behind. In any case, the geographical advantage of the huge Chinese coating market is still a factor that cannot be ignored in the competition between the two

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