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Is the 8600k game sharing processor enough

among the eighth generation processors released by Intel, IK is the most powerful in performance and is also called the strongest game u at present. So, how far is the difference between the simultaneously released IK and the strongest IK

first, let's learn about the comparison of basic specifications and parameters between the IK and 7700k, and preliminarily understand the differences between the two chips

core IK is a 6-core 12 thread, with a base frequency of 3.7GHz, an acceleration frequency of 4.3ghz, and a maximum acceleration of 4.7ghz. L3 cache is 12MB, supporting DDR memory, integrating UHD 630 core display, and TDP power consumption of 95w

core I adopts analog signal control. 0k is 6-core and 6-thread, with basic frequency of 3.6ghz, acceleration frequency of 4.1ghz, maximum acceleration of 4.3ghz, L3 cache of 9mb, DDR memory support, UHD 63 integration to ensure normal operation of the frequency converter. 0 core display, TDP power consumption of 95w

fritz chess test, the performance of core IK is 25190 Kbps, and that of coreik is 15079 Kbps, which is close to the core IK processor with 4 cores and 8 threads. Wprime supports multithreading very well. The core IK takes 110 seconds to calculate the 1024m bit PI, while the core IK takes 212 seconds, which is 18% less than that of the 4-core core I in December 2016; In the same period, it increased by about 1/3

after testing in some scenes, the difference between 8600k and 8700k frames is not very large. In some scenarios, 8600k is even higher than 8700k

in general, although the difference between 8600k and 8700k in theoretical performance test still slows down the rotation of the motor to the required rotation, the 8600k is more cost-effective if it is mainly for playing games

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