Is the most popular children's paint a big hoax

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Is "children's paint" a big trick

"children's paint" is a big trick

On April 6, 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration recently issued a notice that three types of drugs such as paediatric paracetamol and amantadine granules are prohibited for newborns and children under 1 year of age, and some children's cold medicines are also taken off the shelves. The safety of drug use in children has once again aroused the concern of the whole society. It is reported that there are more than 220million children under the age of 14 in China, accounting for 1/6 of the total population. However, there are few special drugs for children, accounting for only 1.7%. In addition, there are many hidden dangers in children's medication, such as ambiguous dosage, improper medication and so on

in fact, not only drugs, but other product markets also have problems such as the lack of "children only" products. It is precisely because of the shortage of special drugs for children that children are treated as "a reduced version of adults", forming three misunderstandings: "ignoring dispensing Taboos", "taking adult drugs" and "using drugs by feeling", which threaten the health and safety of children. Similarly, in other product markets, many children's products are also "smaller" adult models

clothing, furniture and other products are smaller, which may not cause any major safety problems when used. However, some products cannot be changed into children's models only through the reduction of their appearance. In this case, the "adult" error zone similar to the "neglect" of children's characteristics in medication appears, and the corresponding potential hidden dangers also arise

e.g. paint. Although there are many coatings for children in the market at present, and the prices are much more expensive than ordinary coatings because of the "children" brand, in fact, most of these so-called "children only" coatings are the product of concept speculation. Most manufacturers have a sense of helplessness for children's paint, thinking that this is a hot potato, which is loud, but not competitive. It is just a "sales card" gimmick. Although the paint manufacturers have realized that there are huge business opportunities in the children's paint market, few of them really develop and promote this market

more enterprises just follow the trend. They see that others make money by pushing children's paint, and they also give their products the name of children's paint. The selling points of manufacturers are nothing more than "low VOC", "more environmental protection, more colorful" and so on. Those who are more professional add "easy scrubbing" at most, but they simply cannot provide test reports or authoritative data to prove their claims

the growth of children's paint market is naive, and the enterprise speaks for itself. The fundamental reason lies in the lack of industry standards. Since it is necessary to distinguish the product category of children's special paint, the products of this category must be endowed with different personalities. If the so-called "special" is counted as the expression of its personality, its basis is the standard. And how to determine the "special" standard? According to the definition of children's coatings in developed countries in Europe and America, the "special" standard must meet the conditions of health performance, color selection, damage resistance and so on

for example, in terms of health performance, European and American countries require that the VOC standard of volatile matter for wall emulsion paint is 50ml/l. For enterprises settled down, the standard of children's paint is lower. The vast majority of enterprises in China are difficult to achieve the above. Behind the standard is technology. The higher the standard is, the higher the technical level is required because it is found that changing the surface chemical properties of mxene will change its electrical performance. The lack of industry standards for children's special coatings in China is not only a practical result of the backward technical level of the industry, but also an important reason. It is reported that at present, China's children's paint products still leave the factory according to the 10 mandatory national standards that the world high-tech biomaterial market may grow to ≈ US $5000 billion by 2030 for indoor decoration materials. Obviously, this standard can not reflect the "specificity" of children's paint, nor can it guide the industry production

the lack of "special for children" in the coating market is a microcosm of the overall situation of China's children's products market. We can see that many enterprises regard children as the object of making money and hope that they can bring profits to the enterprise like adults. However, few enterprises can sincerely design and manufacture products from the perspective and interests of children. They take it for granted that they are "small" adults and just give them "small" products

the lack of "children only" standards and inadequate market supervision of relevant products also reflect the misunderstanding of "smaller size" in government functional departments. In fact, all this is a result of the misplaced positioning of children's social identity. When can the society treat children with the attitude of "squatting down" dialogue, and when can the children's products market really mature

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