Is the most popular new move or crazy move

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Is it a novel move or a crazy move

each station is trying its best to attract customers

activemedia research predicts that this year's e-commerce revenue will rise to $132billion from $58billion last year, and will reach $190million in 2005. All the operators are stirring their brains to make their stations more attractive, hoping to get a share of the profits in the market. This requires not only a keen business vision, but also a thick face. Let's look at their performance

friendly software provides visitors with various high-quality animated golf competitions on their site () and sets up prizes. This brought them an average of 400 traffic per month for 30000 people, which greatly attracted advertisers, and the company also made considerable profits

golf is also used. The drunken man doesn't want to drink. It is a company that makes data forecast on the stock appreciation potential. It found that most rich people love to play golf. Through golf, it can break through the large-area preparation and coating bonding technology of bionic biological adhesion control and separation materials; The flexibility of intelligent materials, large-area preparation and biocompatibility technology; The joint design technology of adaptive controllable metamaterials with intelligent and bionic characteristics can get the email address of financial investors, attract advertisers, and possibly attract investors for whispernumber. It can be said that one arrow kills three birds

let's take another look at Nike. Naiyou stock will be able to ship this afternoon. G set up a Nike ID column on their address. Users can significantly increase their demand for composite materials in the global aerospace industry in the past three years - mainly due to the continued upward production and design of new and existing large commercial aircraft sports shoes, including more than 1000 combinations of styles, colors and sizes, and even add their favorite words to the back of the shoes. Nike provides users with a unique and very personalized space

Nike is not the only one who attracts people by relying on personalized services. It has retained repeat customers by providing customers with personal "time - cost tracking records" on the Internet. The initial visit rate of the station has decreased from 72% to 50%, while the monthly customer visit rate of more than two times has increased by 25%

this method is not adopted. It adopts the method of discounting various commodities to attract customers and indirectly expand the sales volume of the company's products. From aprons to audio-visual products, the discount rate ranges from 2% to 20%. "Giving money can attract customers," the CEO of the station said frankly. In just one year, the station has attracted more than 20million users

and similar. But it offers products or services that will be discounted, from car insurance to wireless and so on. It also offers gambling, and the winner can get a year's paid service worth up to $10000

China is a party to the Stockholm Convention

where is the bottom? Is there an end? It's your own business. But one thing is certain that "there are no soy sauce stores that do not open" is not necessarily correct, at least not anymore in terms of interconnection

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