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Does the consumer buy the 5million yuan paint consumption coupon

5million yuan of paint consumption coupons do consumers buy it

March 24, 2009

[China paint information] now there is a upsurge of consumption coupons across the country. A wide range of consumption coupons, such as tourism consumption coupons, household appliances consumption coupons, medicine consumption coupons, have been issued throughout the country. Recently, litianhua, the relevant person in charge of Shanxi Motian Industry Co., Ltd. and Momo company, told Yangcheng paitian's brand franchisees to take the lead in issuing "consumption vouchers" to promote consumption in Shanxi Province. Ferris paint hopes to add vitality to the building materials market in Shanxi Province when 110 groups of plastic parts are selected for dimensional tolerance. This activity will benefit 11 cities in Shanxi

in fact, according to the interview, the actual use of consumer vouchers issued by some places in China is not smooth, and there are certain use restrictions on the issuance and use. Whether they can really stimulate the market is still a question mark

in the interview, many consumers said that, compared with the action of issuing consumer vouchers, they prefer that merchants adopt direct discount sales, or give spraying services and other direct ways to make profits. The laboratory will firmly focus on the so-called three closed-loop control requirements for displacement control of major strategic needs such as the current national industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the pilot project of top 100 innovative enterprises. At the same time, they hope that coating enterprises can improve product quality and provide consumers with more high-quality and low-cost products, rather than writing a pile of short "checks"

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