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Is the titanium dioxide market hot or hot

is the titanium dioxide market hot or hot

May 8, 2014

[China paint information] recently, the domestic titanium dioxide market has improved slightly, and manufacturers are gradually working hard to make more profits under the "good" market

is the market hot or hot? Take rutile as an example: from the market of 23500 yuan/ton in 2012 to about 13000 yuan/ton today, we can only say that the market is ruthless. Can the enterprise develop healthily by maintaining the operation of low price or cost price? Such market competition will eventually lead the industry into "embarrassment"

according to the statistics of relevant industry organizations, the total output of titanium dioxide in China exceeded 2million tons for the first time in 2013, reaching tons, an increase of 14.0% over the previous year. The apparent consumption of titanium dioxide in the domestic market was about 1.69 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 1.19%. It can be seen that the low-end production capacity of titanium dioxide in China is surplus

in this environment, there is survival of the fittest in every industry. Survival of the fittest is a must for every industry, and titanium dioxide industry is no exception. This wave of domestic titanium dioxide market pattern is chaotic, the industry access threshold is low, and the phenomenon of overcapacity is prominent

the problem of overcapacity once led to the bankruptcy of enterprises in many industries due to loan default. Now, the titanium industry seems to be suffering from periodic overcapacity. Rome wasn't built in a day. How to seek a breakthrough in the cold winter? "Digesting excess capacity and realizing industrial transformation and upgrading" has become the consensus of the titanium dioxide industry, which will inevitably lead to fire, human life and other safety accidents

as we all know, overproduction will bring a series of problems to enterprises, such as unsalable products, broken capital chain, personnel flow, etc. However, resolving excess capacity is also a long-term process, which cannot be achieved overnight

the homogenization of titanium dioxide production in China is very serious. See the next issue for specific solutions: this reflects the current situation of low technical strength, heavy imitation and low-level repeated construction of the industry's production enterprises. In the current severe economic situation, titanium dioxide shows that the quality of the experimental machine is reliable, and the serious disadvantages and negative market effects of industry homogenization are soon highlighted

for a long time, the titanium dioxide industry has been in a situation of "surplus and scuffle at the low end; shortage and loss at the high end". In recent years, enterprises in the titanium dioxide industry have begun to pay attention to the optimization and upgrading of product structure. Some key enterprises have made some progress in the diversification of product structure, and the product quality has also been greatly improved, but the homogenization problem has not fundamentally changed. At the same time, the stability of domestic titanium dioxide product quality has been perplexing the production enterprises, which has also weakened the market competitiveness of domestic titanium dioxide to a great extent. Obviously, our titanium dioxide enterprises can only get rid of the quagmire of homogeneous competition to embark on the road of healthy development. So, how can our titanium dioxide enterprises get out of the dilemma of homogenization and the downturn? This is what the domestic titanium dioxide industry is concerned about

as for the way out for the homogenization of titanium dioxide, some senior people in the titanium dioxide industry believe that the development of China's titanium dioxide industry has entered the era of brand competition from product competition. Only brand competition can complete the transformation from product homogeneity competition to brand differentiation competition. Only brand competition can truly meet the personalized needs of consumers. In the brand management of titanium dioxide, it is more and more important to shape the cultural connotation to meet the spiritual needs of customers. At the same time, the brand management of titanium dioxide needs accurate brand positioning and brand personality shaping. Therefore, titanium dioxide brand positioning must be targeted, using a specific brand image to attract specific target groups. In the current titanium dioxide market, brand has become an important marketing outlet

large scale production is the characteristic of titanium dioxide industry. 50000 tons is the critical point of economic production scale of titanium dioxide. It is expected that titanium dioxide manufacturers with a capacity of 50000 tons or less will undoubtedly face serious pressure to stop production and exit, regardless of the access threshold or the focus of rectification. According to statistics, at present, there are 30 domestic manufacturers with a production capacity of less than 50000 tons, accounting for half of all titanium dioxide manufacturers. The total production capacity reached 700000 tons, accounting for one quarter of all current production capacity. Once environmental protection is tightened from top to bottom, the increased environmental protection costs will force most of these small and micro enterprises to opt out, greatly improving the pressure on the domestic supply side

in the future, the development of titanium dioxide industry will follow the path of clean production and health, and improve the value of products, that is, who can provide the widest product value and more perfect value experience can better win customers and market

to sum up, domestic titanium dioxide enterprises should speed up technological innovation, improve the quality of titanium dioxide products, speed up brand building, and take brand competition as the driving force for long-term development. In addition, large-scale production is bound to integrate the industry. With the increase of the access threshold, it will truly solve the key problems such as overcapacity in the industry. As Mr. guoxinrong, Secretary General of the titanium dioxide branch of China paint equipment stiffness Association, said: "resource allocation conditions" and "environmental load capacity" have become the core elements of the sustainable development of China's titanium dioxide industry

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