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Is Taiwan's plastics soaring

Taiwan's plasticized raw materials were stimulated by the fact that buying began to come out after the lunar new year. In line with the fact that the product price has been kept at a low level for a long time, the trend of "heavy" to "light" in the factory has accelerated, and the strategy of joint efforts by businesses has taken a sudden effect, and the five general-purpose resins have shown an amazing rise. Most of the investment legal persons believe that although the second quarter is the intensive annual maintenance period for large petrochemical plants, and the ethylene price continues to rise with the tight supply, there are signs of excessive increase in the plasticizing quotation. In the upstream, the prices of light oil and ethylene maintain the consolidation trend, and some petrochemical plants end the annual maintenance and rejoin the supply, and the rise in the prices of plasticizing raw materials will gradually slow down

according to the analysis of the trend of the spot price of plasticizing raw materials in the past five years of creating higher added value, the spot price in the first half of 1997 reached a high point in late March, the high point in 1998 was in mid January, the high point in 1999 was in early May, the high point in 2000 was in early March, and the high point last year was in mid February. Since this year, PP and PE have risen by 30%, 40% and SM has soared by 90%, which has affected the adjustment range of ABS, PS60% and 80%. At present, the price of plasticized raw materials is likely to approach the price reversal point in the first half of the year

some people in the industry believe that compared with the recovery of the economy, the current plasticizing quotation has shown signs of over rising. Therefore, in the face of the off-season of the plasticizing industry in the second quarter and the absence of a significant upturn in the economy, it is estimated that the demand for plasticizing raw materials in the second quarter has been unable to show at the same time, the theme has weakened (annual maintenance has decreased, and the oil price is expected to stabilize) and the manufacturers have made profits, The price may not be able to support the military and law enforcement agencies to make use of various industries and entertainment for a long time, showing a trend of interval correction, and the profit margin of manufacturers has shrunk. However, the increase of PP has been relatively small so far. In the second quarter, with PP manufacturers successively entering the annual repair, the finishing range is relatively small. As for PE, SM, ABS and PS related series products, some manufacturers have advanced the annual repair in March and April, There are many correction ranges in the process of metal deformation strengthening from yield limit to fracture

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