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After 15 years of ups and downs, angel doors and windows is grateful to have you! In order to improve the overall quality of front-line employees, cultivate the concept, awareness and teamwork of employees' obedience, improve production quality and create an excellent corporate culture, the company decided to hold a "staff queue competition" for the celebration of the 15th anniversary, which will be held in the company from 8:00 to 9:30 on July 31

in order to welcome this competition and show the training results of more than a month, all employees in full spirit on the morning of the 31st, rubbed their hands and vowed to compete with other teams

at the beginning of the competition, eight teams showed and competed one by one in ten aspects, including appearance, queue discipline, attention, cross standing, rest, stop and turn, and marching and standing in unison

the jury composed of heads of all departments, in line with the principle of "fairness, impartiality and openness", carefully gave comprehensive scores in terms of entrance and exit, dress, mental outlook, exercise quality and so on

in the joint exercise competition, the participants were neatly dressed, energetic, high morale, with standard actions, good professionalism and mental outlook, which won the unanimous praise of the judges

employees are energetic and dignified. They stretch out their hands and raise their legs. Each version is strong and powerful, revealing the characteristics of the queue content, which are simple, standard, lively, smooth, horizontal and vertical

at the end of the queue competition, the judges rated the ranking, and the general manager Luo Hanchi's colleague, marketing director Shi Kai's colleague, deputy general manager Xie Jiaguo's colleague and others presented the golden flag and bonus to the winning team

benefits of "15th anniversary" "

after the queue ended, Mr. Luo hanbiao, the founder of angel, entrusted Mr. Xie Jiaguo, the current deputy general manager of the company, to distribute welfare red envelopes and thank all employees!

after 15 years of ups and downs, angel doors and windows is grateful for you! Angel doors and windows is grateful to every family member who has struggled with it. Only you can have today's angel doors and windows, and I believe that angel doors and windows will be better tomorrow!!


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