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Recently, Guangzhou Deville Furniture Co., Ltd. won the appearance design patent certificate and utility model patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office again. After the Royal supreme wardrobe door panel and the Champs Elysees series wardrobe door panel, the Danqing Linglong series door panel also won the design patent certificate. In addition, the utility model patent obtained this time is a quick assembly connection for plates, including the first quick assembly and the second quick assembly. There are many ways to install the two quick assemblies, which can connect the combined plates efficiently and accurately

this time, we won two patent certificates at one stroke, which once again expanded the scale of Deville's "patent family", further guaranteed the quality of Deville's products, and demonstrated Deville's craftsman spirit of focusing on research and development and independent innovation

adhere to the original design and practice made in China

the Danqing Linglong series door panels that have obtained the appearance patent this time follow the Chinese classic zigzag pattern, implying the continuous pursuit of life. The dotted bronze round handle symbolizes the happiness and fulfillment of the family

Danqing Linglong series is one of the four new series products launched by dewell this year. Different from everyone's impression of traditional Chinese style, Deville's Chinese product design is positioned as a cutting-edge Chinese style, removing the complex carving and deep tone of traditional Chinese furniture. The main color is matched with cyan black oak and light gray oak, with a strong sense of hierarchy, which makes it popular not only among middle-aged consumers, but also among young consumers

since its establishment in 2005, Deville has been adhering to original design and practicing made in China. Over the years, the company has won relevant patent honors for many times, which also proves that the company attaches importance to innovative design! In addition to encouraging innovative design of products, de Ville has also been demanding himself with an attitude of excellence in production

at present, in the furniture manufacturing industry, two plates are often used together, and a certain gap is required between the two plates. However, ordinary wardrobe side plates are easy to deform due to insufficient thickness and bearing capacity. In order to ensure that the wardrobe is not deformed, the traditional double-sided plate connection process is complex, time-consuming, labor-intensive and time-consuming. In order to better solve these problems, Deville has independently innovated a new connection structure and method to connect the combined plates, which not only has simple process, convenient and fast operation, high accuracy, but also greatly reduces the production cost, which is the reason why Deville can win this new practical patent

it is precisely because de Ville is strict with itself in production with such high standards that de Ville's products are guaranteed. Dewell has always believed that only by constantly improving innovation, weeding out the old and bringing forth the new, and moving from made in China to made in China intelligently, consumers will buy it, and the brand image will last forever

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