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Is the big IMessage update the beginning of their nightmare

I believe you are well-informed. You already know about Apple WWDC 2014 early yesterday morning

The test flight mainly depends on the feeling of test pilots

there is no new hardware in this conference, but the effect of software change is no less than that of new hardware. The high completion continuous experience released by apple made everyone cry wolf

imessage is a good example. It plays an important role in this update. To sum up its changes:

it supports sending voice, video, geographical location, group chat, location sharing, burn after reading and other messages. Im functions are greatly complemented.

it supports the synchronization of all information (chat records) including SMS messages on the Mac, enhancing the continuity of multi platforms.

during the press conference, the first update was widely roast, which is considered to be a comprehensive plagiarism of popular im functions at home and abroad, What's more, they think that apple is following the path of WhatsApp, leaving them with no way to go

let alone plagiarism, I would like to discuss: how much impact will this big update have on us

first of all, let's take a look at the market share data

imessage is an apple exclusive application, that is to say, it is only limited to IOS and OS X, which makes its scope of influence less extensive. IDC data shows that the market share of IOS devices (mainly iPhones) is declining every year, and has dropped to 15.2% in the last statistical year

due to the high Internet activity of IOS users, IMessage may be able to amplify the impact in areas dominated by apple, such as the U.S. market, which accounted for 45% of the market share, and the Japanese market, which accounted for 68.7% in 2013, according to the statistics of NPD group. Note that what is said here is possible, because IMessage is very backward in the im market in the United States and Japan, where WhatsApp and line dominate. Where Apple doesn't have an advantage? That's none of Apple's business

it is also said that the continuity with the Mac will attract more users, which will not affect the overall situation. The original identity of the MAC is very small. The PC market has gradually become a stock market, that is, one windows is overstocked when each MAC is sold. Given that Microsoft is still in a strong position on the PC, this speed is obviously not expected

im is not a simple function superposition, but full of fine regional characteristics

we believe in Apple's taste, and IMessage is certainly not too difficult to use. But the im market is obviously not a simple superposition of functions

each region has certain characteristics. For example, WhatsApp is popular in Europe and the United States, where it pays attention to privacy protection. The advertising it believes in should be well protected in any case, that is, doing evil can fit very well, so a paid application can also occupy the first place. It is difficult to change to line. The two hope to operate users as products rather than profit from im

for example, the animation and house culture between line and Japan, the LBS dating demand and strong relationship chain in China (the circle of friends is really a masterstroke), are all obvious local characteristics. Don't expect to change this situation before you reach the global village in the real world

Apple users have similar characteristics. TA likes social sharing very much. It is easy to understand this from the statistics of major social networking sites. I believe it is the most reliable. But Apple obviously doesn't have this trait. It's not good at socializing. Ping and the current situation are good evidence. In order to fit the characteristics of users, if Apple really seriously affects normal printing, it needs to change a brain, and the thinking mode is inconsistent

in general, the im market has two obvious characteristics, namely, the big is Evergrande and the region is divided. The arrival of the new version of IMessage will not change the current situation. For our expansion, it is a delicate paper tiger. It seems to be aggressive but has little effect. Our bigger rival is still the difficult problem of cultural differences

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